O8 Events

Are your events impacted by COVID-19?

With the banning of in-person gatherings, O8 is pressing ahead with designing valuable experiences to be delivered digitally through virtual event platforms. This pivot will continue to provide our attendees with meaningful relationships and knowledge, as well as some much-needed interaction, even if it is through a computer screen! For more information on replacing in-person events with online alternatives, click here. 

Why host events?

We aren't just an agency. We are a true strategic partner for our clients and the community. We find that these experiences and the opportunity to associate face-to-face strengthen connections and allow us to earn our position as a trusted ally.

Our team is comprised of people who are dedicated to building beneficial, meaningful relationships with you.

Bringing relationships offline is crucial for authentic connections.

What types of events do you host?

We host both structured and non-structured events, as long as they bring true value to the attendee.

For locals, we are always up for meeting in person, whether it's to brainstorm, share knowledge, have lunch or happy hour, or simply say hello. We also offer virtual events for our non-local friends and hope to connect with you in-person sometime during our travels as digital nomads.

What are some event topics?

Topics may cover all things MarTech from neuromarketing to compliance and security to best practices. Or sometimes, we may just want to have a drink with you and hear about your business! 

What can I expect? 

Expect to be treated like a person, not a database. We want to see you succeed - even beyond any services you could hire us for - so we curated these experiences to bring you quality networking, thoughtful introductions, and valuable knowledge and resources. 

Who can attend?

Come one, come all! You don't have to be a client, just an individual who is seeking meaningful relationships.

What if we have an event idea? 

Let's hear it! We created these events for you. If there is something you would find value in, let us know and we'll do our best to make it happen.

When is your next event? 

Check back here to keep updated on upcoming events. Be sure to also sign up for our newsletter, follow us on social, or contact us below!

Event Archive

3/26/2020: Higher Ed Marketing: Analytics from Start to Finish

Marketers in higher ed are stretched thin, being expected to do more with less amidst increasing competition. They can’t afford to not know what’s working and what’s not. End-to-end funnel insights were once only something most marketers dreamed of, but with the advancement of technology and UI design, it’s easier to implement than most people think. It’s more important than ever to have full end-to-end visibility into the funnel, and this talk will help them get there.

Link to video coming soon.