O8 founder and CEO Seth Viebrock
Whether it is mentoring young professionals, throwing open his doors to LGBTQ newcomers to the Twin Cities, or providing an inclusive workplace, O8 CEO and founder Seth...
Marketing during COVID-19: What's the right strategy?
As the marketing world continues to be dominated by news of the global Coronavirus pandemic, marketers are facing tough decisions about their marketing campaigns. We’ve...
O8 founder and CEO Seth Viebrock
O8, a web design and marketing company based in WeWork's Uptown space has more than doubled in the past two years. He says its culture is the reason.
At These 125 Companies, All Or Most Employees Work Remotely
With advances in cloud services and videoconferencing technologies, it's becoming more and more common for companies to be virtual, meaning the majority or entirety of...
Lessons From Companies Thriving With 100 Percent Remote Teams
The Bureau of Labor Statistics just released its much-anticipated American Time Use Survey, which found that more Americans are working from home, with 23 percent...

About O8

O8 is an award-winning digital marketing and website development agency based in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a global presence. O8 succeeds by breaking down highly technical tasks and making data-backed, strategic decisions that result in growth and profitability for their clients.


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* We have moved to a 100% remote virtual office model due to COVID.

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