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The post-COVID world has transitioned to remote-work and is largely digital facing, leaving people craving human-to-human social interaction. O8 has developed a series of events for idea-sharing, collaboration, and networking, all through the safety of your computer screen.

Results Over Opinions and Supporting Expertise

MLC is a national education and networking group consisting of marketing professionals in a variety of industries. Each month we meet virtually for ideation, to share case studies, and connect on various topics share our learnings with you

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Breaking Bias, Building Connections

This session will focus on our individual responsibility to address our bias as we seek to build on our common goals of safety, significance, and belonging.

Closed-Loop Marketing

Closed-Loop Marketing (CLM) gives marketers visibility to see the marketing efforts that lead to sales. It helps marketing teams measure which marketing campaigns are most successful, and why. In this webinar, we will take you through Closed-Loop Marketing and look at the role of CDPs, analytics, and marketing automation and how they help you close the loop.

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