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About Our Website Analysis

Our team of industry experts will put together a hand-crafted analysis report on your website's opportunities for Digital Impact Optimization (DIO), with honest & upfront feedback, including the following: 

  • Website analysis

    Technology & site performance audit

    First we take a look at the underlying technology that your website is running on, and see if we can free you from expensive vendor lock-in or save you money in the long-run by suggesting alternative platforms or hosting providers. We then look at site performance and speed, suggesting opportunities for improvement and how this may be a bottleneck for your business. 

  • Website analysis

    Growth opportunities: Existing traffic

    Are there opportunities for improvement in the structure, layout and design of your site that will increase "conversions" or valuable site visitor activities, which in turn can dramatically impact the growth of your business? Involved in this analysis is whether or not a site visitor can quickly and easily understand what it is that your company does right away so that they do not "bounce" or abandon your website.

  • Website analysis

    Growth opportunities: New traffic

    How important is your website as a sales engine for your business? If you are like most companies, it's extremely important. We take a look at best practices for generating new traffic and report on anything glaring. 

  • Website analysis

    Usability, Design and Performance

    We run through a checklist to look for basic usability flaws that may be affecting your online presence & growth engine. What are the opportunities for improving your site's performance, and where is it lacking? Site performance directly effects your rank in Google search results, bounce and conversion rates.

  • Website analysis

    SEO report

    We use best-in-industry tools to report on your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) performance, or how well you do in search engine rankings such as Google and Bing. We also report on any structural issues with your website(s) that may improve your rankings.

  • Website analysis

    Ad & marketing opportunities

    For those web sites who spend advertising dollars on the web (i.e. PPC / pay-per-click), we have a way to take a look at your spend and provide reporting on it as well as your success rate based on competitors. We also report on online marketing opportunities specific to your business and market vertical.