Drupal, the popular CMS platform, is about to release a brand new version, which is a completely rewritten upgrade. At the time of writing this post, Drupal 8 is in Release Candidate 2. Small changes, and bug fixes will be made to the final version, but, essentially, what we have now is very close to the full, stable release that is slated for rollout on the 19th November 2015.

O8 is already working with clients on Drupal 8 upgrades, and we are very excited to be delivering a platform that is faster, easier to use, more functional, easier to manage, and simpler to update to future versions.

Here is our quicklist of what is new in Drupal 8:

• Optimized for mobile devices – responsive out of the box

• New Theming/Skinning engine

• Deeper integration of fields

• Built-in WYSIWYG content editor

• Full HTML5 support

• Multilingual deployment interface

• Improved accessibility support

• Cleaner Administration UI with redesigned toolbar

• Simplified, but more powerful configuration management system

• Integrated Web Service functionality

• Views module as part of core

• Increased support for industry tech standards

There is so much more, but these are the main features that will be of interest to companies and organizations looking for a best-in-class CMS that will drive their businesses for future growth.

If you are ready to make the upgrade or just want to discuss your options, contact us:

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