We are very much looking forward to presenting a Drupal build-your-own-website class for young people at the Minneapolis Boys & Girls Club next week as part of a Drupal Community Grant. https://assoc.drupal.org/grants/awarded

O8 is partnering with the Minneapolis Boys & Girls Club http://www.boysandgirls.org/ to offer Drupal website building sessions for pupils in the 12-17 years age range. The focus will be on introducing a web building experience that demonstrates the flexibility to create any kind of site, and it is hoped that the classes will further encourage young people to explore what is possible for them to achieve with a little bit of Drupal knowledge. Our goal is for it to be fun and interactive, and give us insights on the best ways to present Drupal to young people. 

We are pleased to be working with a group of kids who usually do not have computers at home or the access to technology that many young people take for granted. We plan to host the sites that the kids create and allow them to work on them after the classes if they wish. The Boys & Girls Club likes the idea of personal branding sites where the kids can explore their ambitions (careers, business, hobbies) and share them with others. We feel that Drupal is an open-source opportunity that can open doors for these young learners and, perhaps, empower them to pursue their young dreams.

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