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Does Font Choice Affect User Experience?

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When creating new website content, social media posts, and emails for your company, there are several things you need to consider about formatting and organization. One of the most important things to consider that people often overlook is the font.

Believe it or not, your font choice can have a huge impact on the way your content is absorbed by consumers online. If you are a bit confused, this article includes several reasons why font makes a difference, especially when it comes to user experience and consumer acceptance. Here is what you need to know.

Shows Creativity

One benefit of having a good font is the ability to showcase your creativity and the creative brand of your business. Choosing a font that best represents you and your company is important.

However, when choosing a creative font, be sure that the font can be easily read in all formats. This includes mobile, desktop, and email options. Typography can be a great way to get your message across as well as show off your creativity, but you want your font to be easily read by your consumers. If the font is not easy to read, it can be more ineffective than a boring font, and consumers will no longer be interested in what you have to offer or say.

Establishes Your Message

In addition to showing off your creativity, a good font can help establish the message of your company, business, and brand. Some of the ways in which you can better showcase your message is by using a variety of colors and sizes that best represent your brand. Contrasting colors is an effective way to draw the eye to the most important part of the message.

Likewise, using contrasting fonts can help break up the monotony of content, making it easier for consumers to read. In most cases, they are going to look for the brightest and biggest items on the page, and you should be sure to draw their eye to the most important part of the content. For example, if a consumer sees the words “sale” in bright red with bold lettering, they are going to be interested and read the rest of the content.

Complements Design

Part of having effective content is making sure it looks organized and neat. Your font choice can give off a smoother design effect that makes your content appear more organized to consumers.

For example, pick a basic font for the majority of your content. Then you can create a stylized header that makes the title of the newsletter, post, and website area stand out to the eye at a glance. Again, you can use various font styles, sizes, and colors to create the perfect combination to complement your brand and company. Plus, a clean design looks more organized to consumers, and better organization can produce more clicks on your website links, posts, and more.

Evokes Feeling

Part of effective advertising is evoking the right mood or feeling in consumers. Fonts can alter the feelings of the consumers, even if they don’t know it is happening. If you want to create a serene mood in your consumers for the advertisement of your new calming lotion, you can use lavender or blue tones to help create a feeling of peacefulness or calmness.

The same can be said for the font style as well. To give off that peaceful feeling or mood, you can use a gently flowing font instead of a blocky, bold font on your content. In most cases, using simple fonts is more effective than fancy fonts, unless you are going for a more creative business option. Remember that fonts are a reflection of your business, and you want to create the right feelings in your consumers when sending them content.

Conveys Professionalism

Believe it or not, people can tell whether you have a professional business or not based on the fonts used for social media content, newsletters, or even website design.

Choosing fonts that do not mix well together or choosing typography that doesn’t reflect your business can be detrimental to your marketing campaigns. However, if you take time to find the right balance between font size, style, and color, you can convey a sense of professionalism that will attract consumers. Not only can fonts attract consumers, fonts can instill a sense of trust and peace in the company, especially if the design is appealing to the eye.

It's important to remember that typography reflects on the content being shared as well as the business, and if you want consumers to read the content being shared, an appealing font style can help draw their eye to the content.


When dealing with font styles, sizes, and colors, it is critical that your company create an organized and styled font for website design, newsletters, emails, advertisements, and social media posts.

By considering the fonts you're using and mixing, you can more effectively adjust your content to attract consumers of all types to your business and your products or services. Remember, fonts are more important than many people think. Just because they are small, does not mean they should be ignored when creating new content.


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