We've started a new Open Atrium portal at http://portal.origineight.net/ . This will be organized into various sub-groups/projects -- some private, some public. An example of a public group is the one that Seth created for the Origin Eight developers at http://portal.origineight.net/developers/.

We will use this portal as a place for the following: 

(1) A "client portal" for our clients, where each client has their own *private* Open Atrium group (via Organic Groups). This will provide a space to: 

  • Compile project-specific documentation that has a longer lifetime and greater organization than Basecamp conversations and text documents
  • Open support tickets via the built-in ticketing system. Clients can assign a support ticket to the project manager for their particular project, and that project manager can then route and reassign (rather than sending a support email, which is harder to route and track). Clients could even use the request tracker internally.
  • Empower clients to add their own internal dates/milestones to a project/group calendar so that we can keep track of these, and communicate with us and each other in a common space.
  • Create client-specific user accounts with "account preferences." For example, we can integrate a Mailchimp newsletter with a client's user account, and let them manage their subscription(s) via their account tab. Also, especially in the case of hosting, we can provide company-wide notifications to all users for things such as scheduled server maintenance.

(2) A portal for Origin Eight for our own, non-client-facing projects and activities. This will provide a space for the following:

  • A wiki (called a "Notebook") for us to edit and share resources. For example, Seth created a "Mobile" notebook, under which he created a sub-page called "Responsive Design" in the Origin Eight Developers group here: http://portal.origineight.net/developers/notebook
  • A case tracker for any open source projects we get involved in (I'd like us to start sponsoring and maintaining a few modules, etc).

We are excited about this! Should be fun and fruitful for us and our clients in the long-run.


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