Besides being a proponent of the Open Web in general, I'm specifically a big fan of the Drupal Community. The community has played a big part in keeping me involved in Drupal since I discovered it more than 6 years ago. The local Drupal community, in particular, has been a constant source for new tools, new ways of working, and even new ways of thinking. I don't know where I'd be without the community, but I'd certainly be a lot less mature as a developer.

This past weekend was Twin Cities Drupal Camp 2014, I had volunteered to help plan the event and was even lucky enough to be chosen to give a presentation. I gave a talk, directed towards developers like me, on the scariness, or more accurately, lack thereof, in the transition of upcoming Drupal 8 to object-oriented ways. Head over to the TC Drupal Camp page to check it out

And just because the Camp is over, that doesn't mean you have to wait until next year to become involved in our vibrant community. Here are a few more ways to take part immediately:

  • You can get involved in our local community by following the Twin Cities Drupal Group There are meetups twice a month; once on the first Thursday of the month, and one on the last Wednesday. You'll see several O8 people—web designers, developers, and more— being very active in those meetups. Come say hello—we are the friendly type!
  • Many of the presentations at the camp this year were recorded. You can find them at the Camp page and brush up on all the latest Drupal skills.
  • And, of course, there's the great resource that is, where you can find the whole worldwide community, including what’s new and hot.

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