I'm going to keep this short and sweet! It's only 5 reasons, after all, although there are many more. 

  1. Upgrading a Drupal 8 site to Drupal 9 should be comparatively painless, unlike previous versions. Drupal 8 (D8) is the most future-proof version to date. The more you invest in your Drupal 7 site, the less you are investing in a long-term, future-proof site with which you can continually optimize in order to boost growth.
  2. Contributed modules are ready! You can either install the Upgrade Status module on your D7 site to see your personalized upgrade path, or take a look at the Contrib Tracker resources.  
  3. D8 is built on a model of continuous innovation – it just keeps getting better and better in a way that Drupal 7 never did. For example, usability is continually improving as you can see in the animations here in Drupal 8.2, followed by more improvements in 8.3. 
  4. Pushing changes to the live site is more reliable, using configuration management. This is a huge step in making Drupal 8 an even more professional platform and enterprise-ready.  
  5. There is even a module to automatically upgrade much of your D7 code to D8https://www.drupal.org/project/drupalmoduleupgrader 

Our team is comprised of Drupal experts and community veterans. One of our team members has been developing and contributing to Drupal for 12+ years, and our CEO has been a member for 8+. We've done several D8 migrations and are a friendly, ingenious, highly-responsive team. Let's set up a call to discuss!

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