​You may have noticed that last year, in 2019, we became simply "O8", letting go of our original name, Origin Eight. This was in part an effort to truly distinguish ourselves from traditional digital agencies, with a small hat-tip to Prince's iconic Love Symbol moniker, not to mention clients tended to just call us "O8" anyway.

Some of the things we've emphasized in our new identity are:

  1. Our expertise and ability to handle the creative, strategic, and technical aspects of web design and digital marketing under one umbrella, without compromising on the quality of any of the pieces in the puzzle.  
  2. We thus help clients avoid the crippling inefficiency that comes with multiple vendors trying to do and know different pieces of the same big puzzle. 
  3. We have also increased our efforts to become deeper strategic partners with our clients, integrating more with their businesses and helping them accomplish strategic goals. 
  4. Finally, we realized that we were really operating a sort of "un-agency", different from most other agencies. We realized that what we were doing, besides high-quality, traditional project work, was providing remote fractional teams for our clients.


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