Drupal is an open source content management platform powering more than 1% of the internet. The WhiteHouseMariah Carey, and The Economist use Drupal. Everyone's doing it with Drupal, and in a great many cases, you should too! Drupal empowers you to update and maintain your own web site without relying on outside help. It also allows developers to customize your site beyond belief, and to do so quickly, given the massive, worldwide community contributing code for all to use. It's so extensible, flexible and modifiable that it's better called a "Content Management Framework" (CMF) than a Content Management System (CMS).

While it makes sense to build so many different types of sites in Drupal, here are some particular use cases where Drupal really excels:

  • I want to build a site with a lot of user-generated content (i.e. product reviews, blog posts, etc). How do I moderate it? I’d need something I can log in to, and do things that only a moderator can do.
  • I want to have a site where I can delegate to someone else on my team the task of publishing and unpublishing pages, offers, products, etc.
  • I can think of the site I want to build in terms of ‘content types’, i.e. pages, blog entries, products, forum posts, user profiles....
  • I need a site where a user can log in and manage their account.

Not only is Drupal great for empowering content editors and creators, Drupal is great for prototyping new ideas given the enormous availability of pluggable modules. Chances are, there's a "module" for 80% of what you're looking for, and many people have tested that idea or component, refined it, and made it into a great solution that you can incorporate into your site. This is great for start-ups and non-profits on a more limited budget, but it's also great for larger companies and enterprises who can leverage code for complex business problems that others in the community have already solved.

Sound like what you're looking for? Contact us today! We can take a site from wire framing to design to development. We can work with your budget to provide top-quality and efficiency while keeping the site scope realistic and targeted to your needs. We provide Drupal project management, and do best when guiding entire projects from start to finish, but are happy to support ongoing projects as well.


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