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Ease of Authoring

With Drupal 8’s what-you-see-is-what-you-get text editor, writing is as fast and easy as you make it. This addition makes a big difference for those who need to edit and manage content on the site.

Ongoing Mobile Mind Shift

D8 is fully responsive. With it, your site can function flawlessly between touch screens, desktops, and mobile phones alike. Delivering rich mobile user experiences is more important now than ever, as, according to CIODive, “70% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices”.

Transforming the Customer Experience

Transforming the customer experience means that specific experiences are able to adapt to customers. D8 is able to do this by allowing quick and effective changes to be made in the name of engaging customer experiences.

Overall, the Drupal 8 migration may not be the easiest process, but it is well worth it. D8 is powerful, easy to use, and responsive. Our dev team appreciates the new additions and believes your business will benefit from performing the upgrades sooner rather than later. Once Drupal 6 and 7 become obsolete, the migration will be necessary for basic site updates. To avoid falling behind with upgrades, we recommend making the migration today!

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