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Drupal Site Development for the University of Minnesota Hormel Institute

WordPress to Drupal re-platform and UX redesign

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Re-platform from WordPress to Drupal 9

Transfer content and functionality

Integration with UMN platform infrastructure

Custom Development

Introducing the Story of the UMN Hormel Institute

The University of Minnesota Hormel Institute (UMN HI) is a biomedical research center within the University of Minnesota’s Research and Innovation Office (RIO) that advances scientific knowledge, educates the researchers of tomorrow, and promotes health worldwide. They serve as a center of technical and educational expertise to benefit the Austin community, the state of Minnesota, the Midwest region, and beyond.

UMN Hormel Institute

The Challenge

The UMN Hormel Institute was struggling with an outdated website and poor UX. They also lacked the internal team and structure to manage and update it actively. This challenge involved migrating and redesigning the website from WordPress to Drupal 10, and providing additional training and delivery support for the UMN Hormel team. 

From a marketing perspective, there was also a challenge to enhance the user journey and web experience to build more visibility and donor interest, increasing exposure to new audiences, professional collaborators, and intellectual talent within the field.

The Scope

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Data and Analytics,  HubSpot CMS Development,  HubSpot Support and Training, Content Development, UX, and Website Maintenance.

Why UMN Hormel Institute Chose O8 for Drupal

The UMN Hormel Institute chose O8 as their Drupal partner due to their expertise and proven track record in successful Drupal migrations. For years, O8 has worked closely with the University of Minnesota and The O8 team of technical experts and project managers guided the Hormel Institute through the complex migration process, providing clear, actionable support at each step.

How O8 Responded

O8 provided clear direction and a deep understanding of the UMN Hormel Institute’s end goals. Their dedication and excellent communication ensured a seamless process. Here's how O8 executed the project:

  • Discovery UX analysis consultations: O8 conducted thorough consultations to understand user needs and optimize the user experience.
  • Design mock-ups: O8 created design mock-ups to visualize and refine the website’s look and feel.
  • Full site migration: O8 managed the complete site migration to the latest Drupal version, ensuring data integrity and continuity.
  • Training and hand-off: O8 offered comprehensive training to the Institute’s team, ensuring they were well-prepared to manage the new site.
  • Deployment support: O8 provided robust deployment support to ensure a smooth launch.

The Results

The collaboration between O8 and the UMN Hormel Institute led to outstanding results. The new Drupal 9 site, featuring custom content editors and builders, offers an enhanced user experience and a modernized design that boosts its overall appeal. The full site migration was completed seamlessly, with no data loss or downtime. 

Comprehensive training sessions empowered the Hormel Institute’s team to confidently manage and update the site moving forward. O8's robust deployment support ensured a flawless launch, with the site performing reliably from day one. Throughout the project, O8’s dedication to clear communication and a deep understanding of the end goal kept everything on track and aligned with the Institute’s vision.

Modern, efficient, and secure website

Enhanced functionality and improved UX

UMN Hormel Institute Homepage
UMN Med School Drupal Migration Results Image
UMN Med School Drupal Migration Results Image