What is conversational marketing?

Conversational marketing is more than just a buzz word. It is a method of engaging with websiteDrift certified partner badge visitors by putting the focus on them through dialogue. Conversational marketing aims to develop relationships with the consumer by custom tailoring their experience, building their trust, and making their purchasing experience as smooth as possible by understanding and communicating with them in the way they want.

A conversational marketing approach is usually built around either one or multiple solutions that allow you to engage with your site visitors.  

  • Conversation

    Conversation Starter

    The conversation starter is dedicated to striking up an initial conversation and captivating first-time site visitors.

    It typically appears as a message in the bottom right-hand corner of a high traffic page, such as the homepage or a solutions page, and encourages the user to engage. It can be personalized to fit any landing page, product, or desired action. 

  • Chatbot


    After clicking the conversation starter, a user may enter a conversation with a chatbot.

    The chatbot serves as a lead capture tool and may ask a series of simple questions to better understand the customer and the support or solution they may be looking for.

    This interaction can be personalized to give the user the feeling that they are interacting with someone from your organization. We've partnered with the leading AI chatbot platform, Drift.

  • Messenger

    Live Messenger and/or Video

    The chatbot qualified leads can then be passed on to the appropriate person to deal with more complex questions or the next step(s) of the purchasing process, engaging with the user during their highest moment of intent.

    Internal resources now know they are speaking with a viable lead and can add value to the interaction, guiding the customer through options via an instant messenger or a broadcast video tool that allows or real-time product demos and Q&As. 

Conversational marketing blueprint


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