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What do we do?

We fill team gaps while producing agency-grade work. Think of us as a powerful complement to your team; we don't replace anyone, we add on to what you've already got.

We make your marketing team more effective, sophisticated, and specialized at what they do, which allows you to do more, adapt to challenging times, and drive ROI!

How do we do it?

Highly effective marketing teams typically have 18 key roles. That's a lot for most companies to staff with rockstar talent. It's also expensive and unrealistic for most companies. We've done it so you don't have to!

Our amazing (and hard-working) team encompasses the following roles:

Marketing Side

  • CMO / VP of Marketing
  • Marketing Manager (PM)
  • Business Analyst
  • Lead Marketing Strategist
  • SEO and Analytics Expert
  • Paid Advertising Specialist
  • CRO Expert
  • Copywriter (trained in CRO)
  • Graphic Designer (for marketing materials)

Tech Side

  • Chief Technical Strategist
  • Technical PM
  • Leach Technical Architect
  • User Experience Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Front-end Developer
  • Back-end Developer
  • Data Scientist and Analyst
  • CRM Specialist and Integration Expert

Clients Love Us!

"We hit deadlines and came in under budget. Website visits have increased 40% since our launch in December and our conversion rates have tripled!"

Naomi McDonald

Technological Leadership Institute, University of Minnesota

David Wargin
David Wargin

"The team at O8 has been instrumental in helping our company evaluate our web user experience. From a website redesign, to ongoing customizations to CRO recommendations, we rely on this team to support us in managing a website that meets the various objectives of HelpSystems."

Leila De la Fuente


Leila De la Fuente
Leila De la Fuente


Here's what you get when you work with us:

  • Access to our rockstar team that fills all 18 roles at a fraction of the cost
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM), your main point of contact, trained in both marketing and tech.
  • Extremely high retention, so the same people stay with you for years - maybe longer than your current coworkers!
  • Access to our infrastructure for remote communication and collaboration
  • KPI document with a defined strategy and business objective, specific maketing tactics, defined and measurable KPIs (i.e. specific CTA completions), diagnostic metrics, and audience segments.
  • Google Data Studio dashboard to track your marketing metrics, KPIs, and goals.
  • Neuromarketing expertise. Customers buy based on emotion and post-rationalize with logic. We bring brain-based insight to your marketing and shift your customer behavior!
  • Advanced expertise in Drupal, WordPress, and open source CMS website platforms, but we can also work with other technologies.

Need more? Just ask - we accept all challenges!

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Answers to questions we commonly hear:

Do you replace marketing team members?

COVID-19 is changing many company dynamics.

While we historically have helped businesses avoid new hires, and made existing marketing teams more effective, rather than replacing anyone on a marketing team, companies are now faced with a lot more pressure and some tough decisions.

  1. First off, firing your entire marketing team right now probably does not bode well for your success as a company. If staffing needs to be reduced or furloughed, we can often fill gaps at a lesser cost.
  2. No matter your decision, we can bring a fresh, secondary perspective that can skyrocket your marketing ROI and pump in fresh ideas to your marketing team.
  3. Since all of our clients are marketing teams at other companies, we know what everyone else is doing right now, and can share ideas. Now is the time to infuse new knowledge, capacity, and ideas into your marketing and digital presence to help you adapt.

I already have several marketing vendors – how is this different from outsourcing?

We have seen companies fire entire marketing teams because they outsourced so much of the work to vendors. These vendors rarely communicate and share knowledge, let alone act as a true extension of your team.

This causes inefficiency to skyrocket, results to plummet, and costs to soar. At a certain point, the CEO asks the marketing team, "what are you actually doing here?"

We call this inefficiency "vendor spaghetti." A fractional team is the best solution to vendor spaghetti. We call this "nearsourcing" since it is very different from outsourcing.  

But I already have a CMO or some of these other roles filled!

Great! Many of our clients do.

But, unless your marketing team has all 17 roles filled and you're hiring to complete the last one, it usually makes more sense to hire a fractional team.  

Why not hire a traditional agency to do this work?

Traditional agencies do not function as an extension of your team. They want to win work and bill hours, whereas your coworkers just want your company (and hopefully you as an individual) to succeed.

We act as your coworkers. If you don't succeed long-term, neither do we. 

Agencies generally want to take entire projects off your plate, whereas we want to help you execute projects – we still want your input, creativity, inspiration, and insider context and company knowledge. Also, many things aren't even a "project" -- they're simple requests. We help you get those done, too.  

Finally, agencies tend not to be proactive or responsive, and simply do what they're told. They'll get back to you, on their timeline. A good coworker, however, is proactive, responsive, says something when they see something, and gives honest input and helpful suggestions. They know what needs to be done before you even have to ask. 

Do you work with existing marketing teams?

Your existing marketing team holds the in-house context, internal company relationships, and they work as our creative partner. 

We help them be more successful, produce stronger work, stay relevant and sophisticated, and focus on what they do best. Everyone wins!

If anything, we keep the threat of upper management at bay because the marketers we work with start producing better results by working with us! As the company grows, they do bring some of these roles in-house, and that’s ok and we are happy for them when they do!

Why can’t I just hire another marketer?

As digital marketing gets more technical and complex, marketers are wearing too many hats.

It's impossible for them to wear all 18, and painful to wear more than a few.

This leads to burn-out, sub-par results, and marketing that just plain doesn't work.

It's impossible for one person to know and do everything.

I’ve heard of a “fractional CMO” before. How is this different?

Sometimes businesses hire a fractional CMO if they can't afford a full-time experienced CMO at upwards of $175,000 per year.

You can get the same benefits of a fractional CMO at about half the cost, plus our 18-role team.

Whereas a fractional CMO's revenue is usually spread across one person, ours is spread across a team, so we cost less.

Unless they work with us, a fractional CMO does not have a team like ours at their disposal. Instead, they hire contractors and agencies who: 

  • don’t know you or each other
  • aren't part of a team; aren't part of your team 
  • are more costly and less efficient than a consolidated team
  • don’t share the same knowledge and processes
  • don't share the same desire to serve you