People Have Changed

People are social creatures by nature, and the disruption to that by COVID-19 has drastically changed how people live their lives online, what they spend time on, what platforms they use, and how they interact.

The implicit tragedy has also shifted the way we should talk to each other and show empathy for people in a wide variety of situations, i.e. how we reach out to each other,  our advertising messages, and how we avoid being "tone deaf" in general across all media.

What Does It Mean?

When the COVID-19 epidemic began, we first saw what happened in China – people started spreading anger, laughter, and memes, but they also started exercising and recreating outdoor and social activities online. Here are some examples:

  • Online fitness is on the rise!
    • Downloads of apps and views of streaming services surrounding fitness skyrocketed.
    • One man reportedly ran an entire marathon in his apartment, per his step count. 
  • Lots of angry news-sharing and informational activity at first.
    • As the pandemic lessened and people went through stages of grieving, this kind of activity, of course, abated somewhat.
  • People are leaning towards entertainment, laughter, and uplifting content.
    • Tik Tok couldn't have launched at a better time.
  • Devastating content is shared.
    • Families being torn apart, health system overwhelmed, and gravely sick patients who can't access treatment. 

What Does the Future Look Like?

When you think of what happens when the government says “stay inside”, shuts down schools and businesses, or bans going outdoors to any degree, naturally people will go online, not only out of boredom but in order to socialize and sustain connections in the interim. That means social networks.

Think of what that might mean for your brand – is now the time to at least think about a TikTok presence, where are flocking for uplifting content and to kill time? We still believe you need a fairly specific product or solution to warrant TikTok investment if you haven’t fully capitalized on the other social networks...but if you have that specificity, then this could be your golden opportunity.

People will also be flocking to Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks to sustain social connections. If the economy takes a turn for the worse, or simply to hedge their bets and keep up their online networking, people will be going to LinkedIn.

What does that mean in terms of your presence on these social networks? Your paid ad investment? It’s not an instant opportunity, but with the right strategy and market fit, it could be.

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