Your web presence is your institution's future. Invest in your capacity to deliver.


What would ten additional hours per week do to reduce the strain on your in-house technical and creative resources?

  • Additional capacity to help your team deliver more, and to deliver on-time. 

  • Internal team on-the-job training, by working with experts. 

  • Long-term gains in your brand strength, user experience, number and quality of applicants, and internal tech team productivity and satisfaction. 

We're here to help, and we're specialized in what you do so that we can make a huge difference. We're based in hard-working Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the USA.

Higher-ed capacity expansion and staff augmentation


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About our staff augmentation

Specialized Technology Staffing Services

Origin Eight involves highly-technical staff in a multi-step recruitment process for new talent, providing a level of supervision that surpasses most competitors.  

  • Staff and consultants with a history of success at Origin Eight, who we place on short-to-long-term engagements.
  • Availability Network of over 1,000 specialists paired with our proven technical & creative screening process if additional capacity or specializations are required.
  • Community involvement in local, national and international tech communities.

Capacity Expansion

Do you need to expand your team without bringing in a full-time resource? Or, do you require multiple skill sets that would best be filled by an existing team, rather than hiring for each skill set? Origin Eight supplements your existing team, giving you direct access to our staff, while providing the infrastructure, best-practices and architectual expertise that you need to scale and successfully complete your project. 

  • We provide client-accessible capacity expansion - you can have as much or as little direct access to our team as you desire. If desired, we provide project management personnel and a single point of contact to whom you can funnel requests and communications.
  • Working with short-term consultants and new-hires can be a frustrating and unreliable experience, as many have key skills missing like version control or the ability to adapt to your particular suite of technologies and workflows. Work with our vetted team instead!
  • Working with us, you have supervision, accountability, project management (if desired), multiple points of workforce coverage, *direct* access to the developer(s) working on your project, and multiple areas of specialization that go beyond what any individual would have. 
  • We're US-based, out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, with a Midwest work ethic. We have both a local and a distributed team. With our remote workers, we base hiring decisions on talent over geography.

Remote Team Deployment

Origin Eight is a subject matter expert in remote/distributed team operations and deployment & development, with recent articles such as this article, and a feature in FlexJobs. Is a remote team right for you? Let us help you build your remote team and infrastructure. Contact us today! 

• Opens up a world of independent and motivated talent.
• More productivity from team members.
• Significant cost savings.
• One can extend services and support across time zones.
• Greater focus on project goals, less on timekeeping.