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O8 is a digital agency that specializes in optimizing your online presence by developing and executing a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes Search Engine Optimization best practices.

With clients in New York and across the United States, we've a history of proven success with clients in a wide array of industries.

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“What’s SEO and How Will It Help Our Business Here in New York?”

Search Engine Optimization is essentially the means by which you ensure your online content gets more attention from – you guessed it – search engines, boosting your authority and relevance, which in turn will rank you higher in search results as you gain credibility.

By applying best practices – both for regional and local SEO – your content will outlast any other advertising campaign, becoming as monumental a landmark to your company as the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building. 

Seasoned Optimization Experts

Andy Keith – O8’s VP of Marketing and Analytics – is a seasoned digital strategist and marketer who has held senior roles in a wide range of organizations, from startups to global firms, across industries from healthcare, government, IT staffing, financial services, aviation/aerospace, manufacturing, automotive, telecom, publishing systems and education. Prior to this role, he was SVP of Digital and Analytics at Weber Shandwick, where he provided counsel on digital strategy, analytics, and SEO to the U.S. Treasury, the U.S. Army, Verizon, EY, State Farm and Spectrum Health, among others.

"To ensure your site can be easily crawled and indexed, we conduct a technical  SEO audit to identify issues that may be blocking or inhibiting search spiders. We also identify opportunities to further highlight and differentiate content."

At the helm of our digital marketing efforts, Andy leads a team of professionals who are as devoted to outstanding results as he is.

Andy Keith OriginEight VP

We Stay Up-To-Date On All SEO Marketing Trends

As the digital arena expands with content of all sorts, more self-proclaimed gurus take the stage to claim they hold the magical SEO solution to increase organic rankings. When the time comes, they fail to deliver when faced with the ever-changing landscape of search engine algorithms. They fail because they stay uninformed.

Not us.

We don't fail. We never stop working, we never stop learning. That means we know our stuff. We know how to do the work and we get it done right.  With laser focus, we devote ourselves to using all available knowledge and the latest SEO tools to position our clients as top-of-mind for all their audiences.

Our professionalism and success rate are the results of real work.

We Strive For Nothing Less Than Excellence

At Origin Eight, we are devoted to excellence of service. From our Digital Impact Optimization™ services to our SEO agency work, we never stop working to give our clients peace of mind knowing that their content optimization is in good hands.

Choosing the right SEO agency is one of the most important marketing decisions your company will make, but it doesn't need to be a difficult one. We invite you to meet with us and see for yourselves just why we’re one of the top digital agencies around.

Go Yankees.