Partnerships come in many forms

We are open to partnerships in many forms:

  • Agency partnerships - expand your digital agency capabilities and land your next big contract with Origin Eight. We augment your development staff or handle the entire project execution. We also engage in co-bidding on joint opportunities.
  • Prime contractor partnerships for government or large-scale work. 
  • Individual partnerships in the form of collaborators and affiliates. 
  • Other strategic partnerships with unique value propositions.

Together we can do more! Let's talk.

Levels of partnership

Programs & Qualifications

  • To be a Collaborator, you must simply state how we can collaborate together to expand each others' service offerings and infrastructure. 
  • To be an Affiliate, you must bring in business to O8. Contact us about becoming an affiliate and related benefits.
  • To be a Partner, you must actively contribute to O8's service offerings or infrastructure, or be an active recipient of O8's service offerings or infrastructure. To become a Strategic Partner, you must deliver a value proposition that is mutually beneficial.


  • Collaborators receive a listing on our web site. 
  • Affiliates receive a portion of certain business opportunities. Contact us for more details.
  • Partners receive a listing on our website.
  • Strategic Partners receive access to our hosting and development infrastructure, staff, knowledgebase, and cost savings, depending on the qualities and details of the partnership.