One-time Optimization Reports

  1. Free

    $ 0

    Insight based on limited data

    Free Website Report
    • Limited data
      • Since we don't have access to your website or analytics, we only have limited outside data available to us.
    • Limited insight
      • Based more on opinions than actual data.
    • Limited time spent
      • Only a small amount of our time spent learning about you and your business, as well as time spent analyzing and assessing your website and digital marketing ecosystem.
  2. Lite

    $ 499 per website

    Insight based on your data

    Contact Sales
    • Google Analytics installation

      • Includes a brief health check if analytics are already installed.

    • Visualize how people use your website

      • Watch video recordings of visitors trying to use your website. Optimize your webforms, send user surveys, track user satisfaction, and much more. (Requires adding a piece of Javascript to your website)

    • Heatmap and scrollmap

      • Installed on your homepage so you can see where users are clicking and how far they are scrolling.

    • SEO keyword recommendations
    • 30-minute strategy session with a DIO expert
    • Get access to the implementation
  3. Deep Dive

    $ 1999 per website

    Advanced Insight

    Contact Sales
    • Includes the Lite features plus:

    • 10+ page report with opportunities for increasing your website experience and revenue ($++)
      • We look for data in your analytics, heatmaps, and visitor recordings to inform hypotheses for making your website better and making your company more money.
      • We do a walk-through of your website, applying neuromarketing, UX, and persuasive design principles to form high-value hypotheses for driving more business.
      • These are ideas that you can either take in-house for further split testing, or to Origin Eight for testing and implementation.
      • We look at heatmaps, movies of users trying to use the website, analytics, and other data to back up our hypotheses and form the basis of this report. At the end, you will have a basis for beginning optimization of your website.
    • Hour-long strategic deep-dive with an expert
      • Delving into your business, website, and digital marketing strategy.
    • Google Analytics analysis and health check 
      • Includes installation as necessary
    • Multiple heatmaps and scrollmaps
      • Installed on 3 key pages on your website
    • Advanced SEO and PPC strategy
      • Includes competitive keyword recommendations

Monthly Digital Impact Optimization Packages

  1. Lite

    $ 800 per month

    Low budgets 

    Contact Sales
    • Introductory package features with very minimal hours per month.
  2. Introductory

    $ 1600 per month

    Introductory starting point for any business or ongoing for small businesses

    Contact Sales
    • You choose the areas of focus
      • > Website management, design, UX, and support
      • > Website optimization, analytics, and data collection
      • > Incremental or total website redesign
      • > Plug digital marketing leaks
      • > SEO
      • > Paid advertising
      • > Email campaigns
      • > Digital strategy, consultation, and reporting
      • > Holistic digital marketing support
  3. Pro

    $ 3200 per month

    Small-to-Medium Businesses

    Contact Sales
    • Introductory package features with more hours for businesses requiring serious digital marketing or website maintenance.
  4. Enterprise

    $ 6400 per month


    Contact Sales
    • Introductory package features with more hours for larger businesses requiring serious digital marketing support or website maintenance.

Alternative Pricing Option: Pay Per Lead or Sale

Pay only for increased opportunity, guaranteed!

We're so confident in our offering that we're willing to let qualifying companies pay only for the business we bring in.

How it works:

  1. We install our A/B testing tool on your website with a single snippet of code. 
  2. We create an optimized "B" version of your website that only 50% of your visitors will see.
  3. We track how many leads and/or sales result from our optimized "B" version of your site.
  4. You receive a login to the A/B testing tool to see the hard numbers and reporting for yourself.
  5. We bill you for the results at the end of each month.
  6. Rinse, repeat, and profit!


  1. Low-traffic website

    $ 999 setup fee

    (less than 5,000 unique visitors per month)

    Contact Sales
    • Same as a High-traffic website
  2. High-traffic website

    $ 0 FREE setup

    (greater than 30,000 unique visitors per month)

    Contact Sales
    • A/B test implementation
      • > We optimize your website to "convert" better, which brings in more leads and/or sales.
      • > You get a user login to see results and reporting
    • You pay only for the business we bring in
      • > Pay a percentage or flat dollar amount on each additional purchase we bring in
      • > Pay a flat dollar amount for each lead we bring in
      • > Contact us for custom pricing.
    • Continuous, ongoing optimization, for FREE
  3. Medium-traffic website

    $ 499 setup fee

    (less than 30,000 unique visitors per month)

    Contact Sales
    • Same as a High-traffic website

Completely Risk Free

We’re so certain that you’ll earn more business from our DIO process that, if you’re not satisfied after two months, we don’t want your setup fees. We’ll issue a 100% refund of your setup fees, no questions asked.

  • "Irreplaceable Partner for Our Business - The team at Origin Eight (O8) has been instrumental in helping our company elevate our web user experience. From a website redesign, to ongoing customizations to CRO recommendations, we rely on this team to support us in managing a website that meets the various objectives of HelpSystems. Thanks for the hard work and killer guidance! Keep it coming." 

    Leila De la Fuente

    Leila De la Fuente
    Leila De la Fuente