This site is designed to help forest managers from Michigan, Minnesota, Ontario, and Wisconsin exchange silviculture prescriptions, including the outcomes of actual on-the-ground management activities.

O8 developers and designers built an online repository for silviculture prescriptions for foresters across the three-state region to share best practices with one another for the management of forest resources.

The platform allows foresters from across a three-state region to upload case studies that highlight best practices for maintaining healthy forests. The input form for case studies provides a consistent set of field data across all case studies. In addition, this consistency enables advanced filtering of case studies to quickly find prescriptions that match needs for visiting foresters.

The silviculture community still largely relies on printed documents, so we created a complex PDF generation engine that allows foresters to expand and collapse areas of information in a final printed document.

Great Lakes Silviculture Library
Great Lakes Silviculture Library
Great Lakes Silviculture Library

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