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  • Our Team

    We are seasoned industry professionals, all devoted to the best possible results and highest quality of service.

  • Our Philosophy

    We believe your marketing and sales efforts should be continually measured, tested, improved over time, and automated and streamlined with the most appropriate technology. We're here to help, to make you highly successful, and above all: to have your back!

  • Our Tools

    We are constantly evolving and learning in order to create the most efficient process and optimize results for our clients. Our experience with Hubspot, Clearbit, Segment, the entire host of Google tools such as Ads and Sense, among many others, allows us to provide clients with data-backed results.

O8 UX Services

We Handle Your Entire Digital Ecosystem

  • Sales & Marketing Automation and CRM Integration
  • Sales & Marketing Empowerment
  • Social Media, Social CRM and Campaign Management
  • Conversion Copywriting and Editing

Meet Our Digital Marketing Leadership Team

Seth Viebrock 
Founder and Digital Marketing Optimizer

Seth Headshot

Seth began his career in sales and marketing in 1996 when he went door-to-door selling websites to clients as the internet was just starting to take off.

In the early 2000's he studied Biological Psychology at the University of Minnesota where he worked as a lab manager for an EEG study in consciousness and co-presented related research at Stanford and the International Society for Neuronal Regulation Conference.

Combined with a strong technical background, an analytical background in Economics at Macalester College, a knack for writing and storytelling, and current studies in neuromarketing, digital psychology, and online persuasion, Seth has found powerful intersections that form the foundation of our CRO and Digital Impact Optimization service offerings. 

Andy Keith
VP of Digital Marketing & Analytics


Andy is a seasoned digital strategist and marketer who has held senior roles in a wide range of organizations, from startups to global firms, as well as the university setting. He has worked with clients across many different industries, including healthcare, government, IT staffing, financial services, aviation/aerospace, manufacturing, automotive, telecom, publishing systems and education. Prior to joining Origin Eight, he was SVP of Digital and Analytics at Weber Shandwick, where he provided counsel on digital strategy, analytics, and SEO to the U.S. Treasury, the U.S. Army, Verizon, EY, State Farm and Spectrum Health among others.

Andy works with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders to ensure deliverables are aligned with business requirements, vision and goals, with meaningful KPIs to measure outcomes.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • "Irreplaceable Partner for Our Business - The team at Origin Eight (O8) has been instrumental in helping our company elevate our web user experience. From a website redesign, to ongoing customizations to CRO recommendations, we rely on this team to support us in managing a website that meets the various objectives of HelpSystems. Thanks for the hard work and killer guidance! Keep it coming." 

    Leila De la Fuente

    Leila De la Fuente
    Leila De la Fuente
  • “[...] From the very beginning, the O8 team was very methodical in their approach, providing critical input, listening carefully to our needs and recommending changes that would ultimately benefit the end user. As our company moves forward, we continue to rely on O8 for their professionalism, expertise and long-term support. They are a valued partner and, in our view, an extension of our marketing team.”

    David Wargin

    David Wargin
    David Wargin

Sales & Marketing Automation and CRM Integration

We're a Hubspot partner!

Tired of performing repetitive marketing tasks on social media, the web, and email? Let us help you automate by replacing high-touch, repetitive manual processes with automated solutions. 

As a Hubspot partner, we highly recommend Hubspot to our clients and use it ourself. We are well-versed in a variety of tools, however, and can help you configure and integrate platforms such as ZohoPardot, Salesforce, Personalize, Acquia Lift, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Automatr, Wildfire, Eloqua, Marketo, Silverpop, Sharpspring, and Constant Contact.

We strategically design for, implement and optimize CRM and marketing automation platforms in order to drive business value and allow your sales and marketing teams to be more efficient. 

Drupal and WordPress SEO Offering

Drupal SEO

SEO audit & reporting

Our SEO offering consists of auditing, reporting, configuration, implementation and ongoing support. 

Our SEO audit highlights components of the site that need attention or could be improved. It also indicates where you are doing well.

This process helps break down SEO into manageable elements. You will gain insight and come away with actionable items, which can then be prioritized for implementation.

    WordPress SEO

    SEO Audit Components

    • Routine high-level overview
    • On-page optimization review
    • Content structure and formatting assessment
    • Standard checks for duplicate content, indexing errors, and analytics setup
    • Site architecture and internal linking
    • Technical setup best practice
    • Site performance/speed
    • Mobile and international optimizations​
    • SEO module/plugin and configuration for Drupal or WordPress
    Yoast SEO

    SEO implementation

    • Yoast SEO optimization expertise and configuration
    • Drupal- and WordPress- specific SEO implementation and configuration
    • Once the initial report is delivered, we work through the findings and address issues systematically
    • Ongoing reporting and optimization
    • Analytics goal-setting, analysis and reporting 
    • Assess SEO strategies such as content and link-building
    • Collaborate with in-house resources as desired

    Conversion Marketing and Optimization

    What is the most important goal of your web presence? Often, it's to get users to click on a donate button, fill out a contact form, engage with a chat widget, download a white paper, or buy a product. But, did you know there is both art and science behind what grabs users' attention, what causes them to take action? This is where we specialize.

      • Design thinking focused on conversion
      • Vision-science computer analysis of designs to simulate what people see during the first few seconds
      • User experience analysis for conversion
      • Content strategy for conversion
      • Conversion test creation and optimization 
      • Analytics goal tracking and optimization 
      • Accessibility reporting
      • Heatmaps, which give a read on the most attention-grabbing portions of the site
      • Reporting and ongoing optimization for highest-value results

      Sales & Marketing Empowerment

      Clearbit logo

      We understand Sales and the reciprocal link to Marketing. We understand advanced lead generation, data mining, prospecting, outbound sales, retargeting, remarketing, personalization and tracking based on visitor IP, prospecting data generation, and various automation and templated solutions to engage with custom and targeted audiences by integrating data among disparate systems. We love to get our hands dirty with tools like Clearbit and Segment.

      Your website is a key driver of Sales-Marketing integration, and we're here to help you with the requisite infrastructure and processes.

      Social Media and Social CRM

      • Social media campaign creation, management and maintenance  
      • Social CRM implementation, training and/or management 
      • Sentiment analysis and tracking
      • Conversion campaigns tied to social media
      • Social advertising and targeting 
      • Website social media integration

      Paid Advertising Campaign Creation and Management

      Google Ads

      We help you create an intelligent spend that doesn't waste your money.

      We are able to provide you the full picture of PPC and social ad campaigns that other less-technical agencies cannot: 

      • Don't throw away ad traffic on a website that does not convert visitors into leads!
      • Don't spend money on ads that are not targeted and optimized!

      We are passionate about successful implementations of PPC campaigns that take in a holistic, long-term view of both the web property and the ads.

      We are most skilled in Google Ads as well as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn advertising campaigns, but have worked with several other platforms.

      Ad Network Design and Management

      Google Adsense

      Does your site receive a lot of traffic? You could be selling advertising space. 

      Do you want to advertise across a targeted network of relevant sites? We can help with that, too. We will design and implement landing pages, the ads that drive traffic to those landing pages, and then optimize the landing pages for conversion.

      We have experience in ad networks such as Google AdSense and DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), as well as retargeting platforms such as AdRoll

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