We're Not Just Here To Offer Advice. We Can Help You Get Things Done the Right Way.

  • Our Team

    Our upper management has held a wide array of positions across the board, making us a perfect source of guidance for any challenges or issues you may be facing.

  • Our Goal

    To provide well-rounded, strategic, business-driven CTO Services to the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area and beyond.

  • Why Us

    We’ve experience with companies of all sizes – large, medium or small – and we are fully prepared to deal with any possible issues that may require attention. We’re ready and we’ve got your back.

O8 CTO Services

We Provide the Technical Oversight and Insight To Propel Your Business Forward

Our CEO, CTO, and VP of Marketing and Analytics have held technical managerial roles that range from the analytical and marketing-driven to technical business decision-making to software and hardware engineering management roles. Together, we provide well-rounded, strategic, business-driven CTO Services offering to the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area and beyond. 

Those who love us and we tend to work well with:

  1. Small to medium businesses that need a bit of additional technical help in their web and marketing departments.
  2. Startups
  3. Agencies who focus on creative, design, and PR initiatives who want a technical partner.

We're not just here for advice. We can help you get things done, the right way:

  • High-level business analysis, strategy, and market research.
  • Web design, development, and user experience (UX).
  • Technology platform decisions and implementation.
  • CRM selection and implementation.
  • Analytics, CRO, website heat map analysis, A/B testing.
  • Startup bootstrapping, MVP, and funding strategies.
  • Long-term support from our full-service digital agency offerings.

Here are some of the technical and business-driven ideologies that we follow:

  • Growth Marketing
  • Lean Startup (Build, Measure, Learn -- on repeat!)
  • Agile Development
  • Launch early and often!

Contact Us About CTO Services

We generally reply within 60 minutes from 9am - 5pm, Central Standard Time