Your Team Needs an Extra Hand. We're Here to Help.

  • Our Team

    O8 is integrated by a full range of seasoned professionals, all ready to supplement your team.

  • Why Augment

    Some projects require extensive work, which can be burden for your employees and might require you to hire full-time resources. By bringing us aboard, our experts will supplement your team so you can successfully complete any project in half the time and at a considerably lower cost.

  • Why Us

    Our philosophy is one of hard work, effective results, and always having your back, 24/7!

O8 Staff Augmentation Services

What would ten more hours per week do for your team?

  • Additional capacity do to help your team deliver more, on-time. 

  • On-the-job training for your team, working with our experts. 

  • Increase your internal tech team productivity and satisfaction. 


Staff Augmentation and Capacity Expansion

Do you need to expand your team without bringing in a full-time resource? Or, do you require multiple skill sets that would best be filled by an existing team, rather than hiring for each skill set? O8 supplements your existing team, giving you direct access to our staff, while providing the infrastructure, best-practices and architectual expertise that you need to scale and successfully complete your project. 

  • Client-accessible capacity expansion - you can have as much or as little direct access to our team as you desire.
  • Project management personnel (if desired) and a single point of contact.
  • Supervision, accountability, coverage by multiple staff members, and access to previously-vetted talent. 
  • Multiple areas of specialization that go beyond what any individual that you could hire internally. 


Your Webmaster and Tech Team

Don't have the technical resources or know-how in-house? We'll run the show, acting as the responsible party for everything web-related.

Training and Mentorship for Technical Teams

Learning by Doing: Mentored Sprints

We believe the best technical learning happens when everyone is actively working in a team towards a common goal, learning by doing, producing tangible results and in-house knowledge of what is being built. When learning a platform like Drupal or WordPress, and especially when considering the build of a platform of which you want to take ownership in-house, a mentored sprint model is ideal.

In this model, we do not attempt to take the place of self-study from the multitude of information online at and instructional sites such as, but rather guide that study by daily Scrum-style meetings, bi-weekly sprint planning and review meetings, and task-based support requests.

This mentored sprint model is used at the annual Drupal conference, which many of our team members have attended and found very useful. We also use it with our clients, who often have an in-house developer who is not at all or less familiar with Drupal, needs best practice advice, guidance, support, and the ability to delegate.

We also regularly put together training material and demos for non-technical clients who just want to know how best to use their website.

Remote Team Deployment

O8 is a subject matter expert in remote/distributed team operations and deployment & development, with recent articles such as this article, and a feature in FlexJobs. Is a remote team right for you? Let us help you build your remote team and infrastructure. Contact us today! 

• Opens up a world of independent and motivated talent.
• More productivity from team members.
• Significant cost savings.
• One can extend services and support across time zones.
• Greater focus on project goals, less on timekeeping.

Specialized Technology Staffing Services

O8 involves highly-technical staff in a multi-step recruitment process for new talent, providing a level of supervision that surpasses most competitors. 

  • Availability Network of over 1,000 contacts. 
  • Existing staff and consultants with a history of success at O8, who we place on short-to-long-term engagements.
  • Community involvement in local and national tech communities.
  • Involvement and connection with the CoCo network in Minnesota.

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