Press Release: Origin Eight Merges with Singlebrook CMS Division to Create Top Digital Agency



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New Alliance Consolidates Experience, Expertise & Resources, and Positions Company for Growth

Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 1, 2016 – Origin Eight, a Minneapolis-based digital development and design agency, is excited to introduce O8SB, a new East Coast division incorporating the Content Management Systems division of Singlebrook, a web and application development firm. With additional offices now in Ithaca and the Hudson River Valley in New York, Origin Eight will channel its unified strengths to better serve existing and new client partners.

“This newly created division will dramatically increase Origin Eight’s revenues for 2016 and at the same time augment design and strategic service offerings for Singlebrook clients. This is a big step forward for us and we are embracing these positive changes,” said Seth Viebrock, founder and CEO at Origin Eight.


Origin Eight is a world-class digital agency specializing in web, application and mobile development and design, with CMS expertise, including Drupal and WordPress. An impressive portfolio of clients includes the University of Minnesota, The Juilliard School, Estee Lauder, the Walker Arts Center and others.

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Virtual Team Advantages

The Advantages Of The Virtual Team

Origin Eight was included with 75 other virtual companies in a forward-thinking article entitled “FlexJobs Highlights 76 Virtual Companies That Embrace Remote Work.” It is true; Origin Eight is a 100% flexible and collaborative workplace.

The article states that, “there is a small but exciting trend of companies that embrace remote work as a fundamental part of their business model.” At Origin Eight we offer flexibility to our remote team members and for good reason; it is the number one reason creative people choose one workplace over another. That translates to high quality and innovation as well as a contagiously invigorating working environment. We seek to elevate the best talent and give individuals the freedom to work in a way that provides them with more choice.

So, by having a distributed team we can focus on bringing together the best talent, regardless of where they are located, and we believe this gives us a significant advantage and provides great benefits to our clients. Work is increasingly viewed as something people do, rather than a place they necessarily go, and with our distributed team we stress open communication, clarity and collaboration. 

Virtual team advantages:

•    Work/home balance
•    Flexible work hours
•    More personal time
•    Less stressful environment 
•    No long commutes 
•    Less distractions and more focused workflow

Benefits for organizations:

•    Opens up a world of independent and motivated talent
•    More productivity from team members
•    Cost savings that can be passed on to clients
•    Extends services and support across time zones
•    Greater focus on project goals, less on timekeeping

One reason Origin Eight succeeds as a virtual company is that we go the extra mile to make our work environment truly productive. We document *everything*. All of our processes and all of our work is accessible to each and every team member and client. This allows us to build redundancy and scale more quickly. For any given project; project notes, design direction, and individual tasks and milestones are well documented. A developer can transition into an existing project with minimal effort because all our work is easily accessed and consistent from project X to project Y to project Z. 

Distributed workplace = Optimal Productivity

We believe that the best way to increase job satisfaction, decrease burnout, and increase loyalty is with a distributed working environment. We are committed to it because our work atmosphere is invigorating, and our clients receive the highest quality services and products from people who love their work. This is the way of the future and we are proud to be in the list of innovators.

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