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Manager of Client Services

Jeffrey Venture

Jeffrey comes to us from San Diego, California, bringing along a wide-ranging set of digital marketing skills and experience. He began with copywriting but has branched out into SEO, PPC, social media, and website management over his career. Jeffrey has implemented these digital marketing solutions for dozens of clients across many industries and has a passion for communicating the value and opportunities he finds in his work.

Now located in Minneapolis and working with us here at O8, Jeffrey is always excited to tell our clients what we've achieved and what more we can do for them. His ability to set rock-solid expectations and listen to the needs of our clients makes him a valued member of our team. In his free time, Jeffrey likes to play Dungeons & Dragons, eat good food, and give scritches to his Aussiedoodle, Bernie, and his two hairless Sphynx cats, Yzma and Lestat.