Our Core Ambassadors of Excellence. Nice to meet you!

Our core team members below take a leadership role in every client relationship, along with a Customer Success Manager (CSM) who serves as your main point of contact.

Additional Talent Network

We sometimes pull from our Talent Network database of over 400 people to fulfill specific skill sets, technologies, and aptitudes, and to scale up for larger projects or tough timelines. Learn more.

  • CK

    CK Ng

    Lead Architect

    Gelugor, Malaysia

  • Megan


    Designer & Developer

    Elmira, Canada

  • Katie


    Business Manager and Marketing Asst.

    Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • nitheesh



    Trivandrum, India

  • Joey


    Account Executive

    Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Igor



    São Luís, Brazil

  • niraj



    Kalubowila, Sri Lanka

Responsive, Communicative, Easy to Get Ahold Of

  • Message or call us on Slack for quick conversations not requiring a meeting
  • Text us on the go
  • Set up a video meeting through Zoom
  • Submit a new task or request via email or through our project management portal, built on Teamwork
  • Submit an emergency request 24x7
  • Join your biweekly CSM meeting, to check in and plan upcoming sprints
  • Participate in quarterly or bi-monthly strategy sessions
  • Visit us in-person, or have us travel to you

Utilize our talent network of over 400 specialized consultants

  • Thoroughly screened
  • Specific tech and/or marketing interviews
  • Always supervised by our core team members
  • Highly specific skill sets, technologies, and aptitudes
  • We attract an ever-growing database of stellar talent 
  • Our talent comes to us locally, across the United States, and globally
  • Our infrastructure allows us to work just as well in-person as remote

Life at O8 Headquarters

Say hello!

We generally respond within 1 hour during our business day (9am - 5pm CT).