Higher Education Drupal Development

  • Higher-ed design
  • University-wide design and branding initiatives
  • Content strategy & governance
  • Accessibility standards
  • User Experience, Usability and User Testing
  • Platform end-user experience
  • Consultative relationships
  • Hosting Architecture and Maintenance
  • High level of involvement in each institution’s success
  • Innovative projects for colleges & institutions

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University of Minnesota Experience

ORIGIN EIGHT has a deep knowledge of the CMS platform architecture, design, governance and usability issues that are unique to Higher Education. Let us help you architect, support, or host your next big project or platform.

Relevant Capabilities

  • Strong user experience (UX) design & strategy team
    • We have a strong track record of innovative UX design solutions to higher-ed problems
  • Graphic design & branding
    • We are keeping track of visual design trends and issues of branding in higher education
    • Responsive design portfolio
    • Beautiful designs for Higher-Ed
  • Collaborative development model
    • Allows us to work on projects in tandem with in-house resources at your university or college

Higher Education Development Partners

  • UMN Center for Academic Planning & Exploration
  • Juilliard
  • UMN Office of Information Technology
  • Hype Cycle for Education
  • Robina Institute
  • University of Minnesota Technological Leadership Institute
  • Northwestern Michigan College
  • UMN Supercomputing Institute

ORIGIN EIGHT is Highly Rated

we deliver

"Origin Eight is very easy (and fun) to work with. They provide lots of tools to help work collaboratively, and work hard to understand our business needs. Great people doing great work."

- Thomas Jonas
University of Minnesota

  • UMN Office of Information Technology
  • UMN Sentencing
  • UMN Hype Cycle

ORIGIN EIGHT Is Your University Of Minnesota U-Wide Contract Vendor