Design Capabilities

Our creative team produces top-notch designs. We are passionate about making design work for your organization, and always keep your goals central when developing unique-looking websites, crafting brand elements and keeping user experience at the forefront of every design process. Visit our page on the Behance network to see a few examples of Origin Eight design:


Responsive Design

Responsive design is an increasingly essential choice for web sites and applications. It enables your site to scale down to fit into the web browsers on mobile devices such as iPhones and Android phones without requiring a separate mobile site or app. Here are a few examples of responsive design that we have created. Simply resize your browser to see the page elements automatically adjust to various screen sizes.

Japan Magnets:

Juilliard School of Music:

Juilliard Journal:



We have the resources to help you develop your brand identity, including a process to assist you with a business name, logo, organization image, as well as online marketing and advertising strategies. These assets can then be leveraged across print and other business channels for maximum impact.