Here are some BIG reasons to choose Drupal:

  • Extremely future-proof

    • Could allow you to prevent another redesign for many years to come.

  • Built on a model of continuous innovation

  • No vendor lock-in

    • Not dependent on a single vendor for support or continuance of the platform. You can easily find and hire talent to support your website.

    • Drupal is open source and not going anywhere anytime soon, whereas proprietary CMS solutions tend to rise and fall with time.

  • Security

    • Governments, including, chose Drupal as a platform of choice for this reason, among others. Drupal is a superior platform for security.

  • Hosting

    • Plenty of top-notch hosting options such as Pantheon, Acquia, and

    • Either Origin Eight or Acquia can manage everything for you, including security updates, or you can do this in-house.

  • Functionality and Flexibility

    • With over 13,000 modules, as well as themes and distributions, Drupal is highly extensible and flexible.

  • More information at

Once you understand what this CMS can do, you'll realize that there are even more reasons to choose Drupal:

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Integrate The Services And Applications You Want And Need With Your Drupal Website

To find out more about Drupal in general visit, and for the community visit


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