Marketing Operations refers to a broad section of the marketing efforts, particularly focusing on the practices and technology necessary to optimize or automate processes for efficiency, and achieve significant and sustainable growth for the company.

Exact responsibilities for this area of work are difficult to define precisely because of how general the term is, with tasks often ranging from the detailed and specific to the wider supervision of the entire marketing framework. However, it is usually agreed to cover these main pillars:

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Gone are the days where marketing could be successful with educated guesswork. The exponentially increasing competition and content saturation across the web make it too difficult to obtain best results through speculation. In order for a Marketing Operations professional to be effective, he or she must have a clear understanding of hard data: how to get it, how to interpret it, and how to use it for the advancement of overall efforts. Cold numbers provide extremely useful insights that can determine the difference between failure and success.

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Technology and Tools

It is no secret that marketing has grown over these past few years from a simple department within a company to one of the driving forces behind business success and the most effective means by which to grow and stay ahead of the competition. This gradual shift has meant an enormous and concentrated effort to create innovative tools that can easily automate many of the usual marketing processes, thus liberating professionals from many of the menial and tedious work so they can focus on more demanding tasks. Marketing Operators have, among their responsibilities, the goal of staying informed about all the new tools and how to use them in order to streamline as many processes as possible, allowing for the most efficient redistribution of labor.



Two undeniable goals within the Marketing Operations structure are establishing the most efficient framework and obtaining the best possible results. This is achieved precisely through the use of data, all latest tools, and innovation mindset that constantly requires reinvention, or outside-the-box thinking. This area of work is all about developing tactics with the resources available in order to quickly reach objectives.  



This is the true north of Marketing Operations. The three areas of work previously mentioned all serve as the backdrop for this very specific goal: to create sustainable growth for the company. If optimization is all about tactics, growth is all about all-encompassing strategy. Marketing operators focused on growth will often have a more proactive level of engagement with other customer-facing roles, such as client support and sales. This idea of greater role integration has become so prevalent recently that in 2017 Forrester predicted that more and more companies will be replacing the position of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) with that of Chief Growth Officer (CGO) in the near future.

As the digital landscape changes, grows and advances based on constantly shifting trends, it is imperative for companies to embrace a focus on marketing operations, whether in-house or outsourced, in order to stay in the game.

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