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8/04/2020: Problem Solving Session

Our experts have extensive knowledge of all things digital marketing. Utilize this 30-minute free virtual session to gain insights that can help you drive ROI and pivot during challenging times.

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Are Your Events Impacted by COVID-19?

We Can Help!

O8 is pressing ahead, designing valuable digital experiences through virtual event platforms. We can help you do the same!

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Event Archive

3/26/2020: Higher Ed Marketing: Analytics from Start to Finish

Marketers in higher ed are stretched thin, being expected to do more with less amidst increasing competition. They can’t afford to not know what’s working and what’s not. End-to-end funnel insights were once only something most marketers dreamed of, but with the advancement of technology and UI design, it’s easier to implement than most people think. It’s more important than ever to have full end-to-end visibility into the funnel, and this talk will help them get there.



5/19/2020: ADA Compliance Webinar

Learn about the inclusive practice of digital accessibility and the risks of non-compliance.



6/5/2020: What Can and Should Business do Regarding the #BLM Movement and Pride Month

Right now too many businesses are doing lip service to the Black Lives Matter movement just for marketing purposes, and it's backfiring and hurting their brand. We go deeper and examine ways businesses can make meaningful efforts and contributions. We also acknowledge this month as Pride month and the intersectionality between the two movements. In this open-format discussion, co-hosted by Quorum, we discuss what businesses can and should be doing given the current urgency and context.



6/23/2020: Digital Marketing Therapy 

O8 experts answer your pressing digital marketing questions. Think of it as a group therapy session or a quick "Digital Marketing 101" lesson! Video coming soon.