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We Deliver Results

200+ designs completed

Web design is in our DNA. We're wildly creative but also data-driven, ROI-focused, and highly technical.

50% cost reduction

Get access to our Minnesota Operations and Global Teams at up to half the cost of hiring comparable talent.

500+ projects delivered

A long-standing track record you can count on.

4x your marketing conversions

With our SEO, paid ads, UX, and conversion rate optimization process.

Clients Love Us

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  • "Irreplaceable Partner for Our Business - The team at O8 has been instrumental in helping our company elevate our web user experience. From a website redesign, to ongoing customizations to CRO recommendations, we rely on this team to support us in managing a website that meets the various objectives of HelpSystems. Thanks for the hard work and killer guidance! Keep it coming." 

    Leila De la Fuente

    Leila De la Fuente
    Leila De la Fuente
  • “[...] From the very beginning, the O8 team was very methodical in their approach, providing critical input, listening carefully to our needs and recommending changes that would ultimately benefit the end user. As our company moves forward, we continue to rely on O8 for their professionalism, expertise and long-term support. They are a valued partner and, in our view, an extension of our marketing team.”

    David Wargin

    David Wargin
    David Wargin

Benefits for Marketers

  • Step 1

    Focus on what you do best

    We get you out of the technical weeds so you can focus on your strengths. We meld with your mind, allowing you to do more and drive better results, while remaining a devoted partner for future growth and success. 

  • Step 2

    We help you delegate

    Delegate the technical and complex parts of the web and digital marketing so you can focus on your strengths, save time, and excel in your career. 

  • Step 3

    We have your back

    Rest assured that everything is handled and monitored, from security to SEO. We keep watch over heat maps, analytics, and more, so your KPIs go up while your stress levels go down.

Benefits for Executives

  • Get proactive monitoring

    Get proactive monitoring

    Continuous, proactive monitoring of your digital ecosystem, competitive landscape, and health of your digital strategy.

  • Costly turnover

    Reduce marketing team turnover

    We keep your team happy, healthy, and doing their best work, which boosts your bottom line. 

  • Risk

    Reduce risk with enterprise services

    We handle security, GDPR compliance, website accessibility (ADA), quality assurance, release management, disaster recovery planning, and other high-level business objectives.

DIO™ : Our Digital Innovation Framework

  • Better traffic and ads

    Better traffic and ads

    The decision to choose your company often starts at the search engine results page or first ad impression. Generate new offers and messages to catch their attention (SEO+).

  • Reinvented user experience

    Reinvented user experience

    User experience (UX) is a goldmine for generating new business. DIO helps you find areas that aren't delivering the best possible experience, using data from heatmaps, analytics, and user session replays. Then, it's time to dream up better solutions, test, and measure what we create!

  • New ways to shift customer behavior

    New ways to shift customer behavior

    The final decision to choose or engage with your company often ends at the website. Get new ways to shift customer behavior (CRO) using proven brain-based research and digital persuasion.

Why Choose a Technical Agency Like Us

"In the past, developers didn’t have much of a voice in marketing. Today, everything has changed. Developers are the architects of modern digital marketing -- they’re responsible for building and customizing digital experience platforms. [...] Smart marketers know that developers are an equal partner in building amazing customer experiences. I'm convinced that will become more and more important in the years ahead."

-- Dries Buytaert, CTO of Acquia

Our Team

  • Seth


    CEO and Marketing Engineer

    Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Andy


    VP, Digital Marketing

    St. Louis Park, Minnesota

  • Cory Docken


    VP, Digital Strategy

    Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • David Fine


    Creative Director

    Tunbridge Wells, UK

  • Tyler Grayscale


    Marketing Engineer and CSM

    Golden Valley, Minnesota

  • Justin


    Director, UX & Design

    New Brighton, Minnesota

  • Hadley Hirsch


    Manager of Marketing and Business Relationships

    Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • CK


    Lead Architect

    Gelugor, Malaysia

Awarded For Excellence

  • Top Web Designers Minneapolis 2018
  • Top Web Developers Minneapolis 2018
  • Top Creative Agencies Mineapolis 2018
  • Top Digital Design Agencies Minneapolis 2018
  • Top Branding Agencies Minneapolis 2018
  • Top UX Agencies Minneapolis 2018
  • Top PHP Developers Minneapolis 2018