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Drupal Website Redesign for iForward

Drupal migration and redesign for higher education organization

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Introducing the Story of iForward

iForward Online Charter School offers K-12 education through a greatly customizable online curriculum, offering a solution for parents and students seeking an alternative to the traditional public school setting.


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The Challenge

The staff at iForward wanted to repurpose or replace a lot of the outdated content on their website, and had a number of goals for making course and event information easier for students to find and navigate through on the site. The site was also due to upgrade from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9, so they came to O8 to redesign their website and upgrade it simultaneously.

Our Solutions

Course information on the iForward website was less than intuitive to navigate, originally being available on one very large HTML page. O8 consolidated this course information on the website, and implemented a sophisticated search system that allowed users to filter by categories, grades, and a variety of other course specifications.

One of the reasons the iForward website had become outdated was that the website backend was not very inviting to non-technical users to try to make changes and new pages. O8 worked with the iForward team to understand the templates and instruction they needed to take better control of their website, and found particular benefit from a custom landing page builder based on the Drupal Layout Paragraphs module that allows for much better visual page construction.

Students are at the center of iForward’s focus in everything they do, and making sure students see themselves on the website was incredibly important to the staff. Helping iForward showcase their students as the first thing you see on the homepage, and across the site, was a major component of this website redesign.

The Results

Higher Education Website Redesign Success

Students and staff report that finding course information on the website is much easier than it was before, making the essential process of customizing student education that much better for everyone.

The shift from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 is an essential upgrade in website security, which is incredibly critical when your website is involved with students and their information online.

Students also report a great deal of satisfaction seeing themselves featured more heavily on the website.