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Meet the Team

Our core team is the right size for high-touch client relationships, comprised only of experienced industry veterans. Additionally, we have a strong network of consultants to fill niche capabilities.

What's Happening at O8

Our Virtual Office

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100% Remote and Ready to Help

About half of our team members are headquartered in Minneapolis and the other half are around the US and across the globe. Featured in Forbes years ago as one of the forerunners in remote work, our company has always been remote-ready.

Features of Our Virtual Office

  • Message or call us on Slack for quick conversations not requiring a meeting
  • Text us on the go
  • Set up a video meeting through Zoom
  • Submit a new task or request via email or through our project management portal, built on Teamwork

Responsive, Communicative,
Easy to Get Ahold Of

  • Submit an emergency request 24x7
  • Join your biweekly CXL Zoom meeting, to check in and plan upcoming sprints
  • Participate in quarterly or bi-monthly strategy sessions via Zoom whiteboard sessions.

Hiring the Best Talent Globally

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We pride ourselves on the work we deliver and want to guarantee that you get results that exceed expectations. The best work requires the best talent, and we look globally to ensure that's exactly what you get. Other agencies say they do the same, but in reality, they hand you off to outsourced contractors that lack the ability to truly understand your project and expectations. Whether it's language barriers, time zone disparities, or a general "disconnectedness" from the agency's mission, there are unknowns that come with outsourcing that can impact a project and its quality.

Our promise to you is that you will receive the best of both worlds: a global team of the best international talent that's also seamlessly integrated with our Minneapolis office. Our team goes through the same onboarding process - regardless of location - and your Customer Experience Lead is trained to deliver this promise to you.

Because of this, you receive the following guarantees that truly differentiate us from the competition:

  • There will always be someone available to you, regardless of the time of day (it's 5 o'clock somewhere!).
  • No language barriers, time zone bottlenecks, or disparity in the quality of work.
  • You will only work with O8. The work we deliver and the results you see are 100% in-house. Nothing outsourced.
  • An agile team that thrives in a digital and remote environment.
Meet the O8 team

Utilize our Expanded Talent Network of over 400 specialized consultants

  • Thoroughly screened
  • Specific tech and/or marketing interviews
  • Always supervised by our core team members
  • Highly specific skill sets, technologies, and aptitudes
  • We attract an ever-growing database of stellar talent
  • Our talent comes to us locally, across the United States, and globally
  • Our infrastructure allows us to work just as well in person as remote