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Why Choose O8?

  1. Always proactive, bringing fresh ideas
  2. No cookie-cutter approaches
  3. Data comes first, opinions second
  4. Nimble, agile, and right-sized
  5. Adaptable to your pressing priorities
  6. Obsessed with measurable results
  7. Highly technical and led by a former software engineer
  8. You have complete control; no long-term contract lock-in

A testimonial from Jamie Gassmann of R3C.

Capabilities That Drive Results

Run by industry experts, we provide services that drive measurable results:

Our Clients Love Working With Us


Client Retention

Your projects and initiatives are  prioritized for highest positive impact on your business, with agile, right-sized solutions.


Projects Delivered

You'll enjoy completely transparent project management so you always know what's going on at any given point in time.


Years in Business

Our 12+ years in business has helped us develop the secret to filling missing pieces in your digital marketing puzzle. 



Our full-service team helps clients with not just marketing, but also design, sales, customer experience, holistic go-to-market strategies, as well as RevOps.

Measurable Growth On-Demand

Save Time and Money With a Fractional Marketing Team

Marketing is complex. You're doing great but shouldn't have to do it alone. You can't be all things to all people. We work as an extension of your existing marketing team, helping you scale, fill in talent gaps with industry experts, and serve as a strategic powerhouse so you can drive growth and do better marketing.

We fill up to 18 different roles as needed, eliminating the risk of recruiting and the cost of hiring new FTEs with no promise of ROI.


Marketing Side
  • Marketing Data Architect
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Marketing Automation Expert
  • Marketing Strategist
  • SEO Specialist
  • Paid Advertising Specialist
  • Customer Experience + CRO
  • Content Strategist
  • Graphic Designer
Tech Side
  • Chief Technical Strategist
  • Technical PM
  • Lead Technical Architect
  • User Experience Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Front-end Developer
  • Back-end Developer
  • Data and Analytics Expert
  • CRM Integration Specialist

Fractional marketing teams are 2x to 5x less costly than hiring full-time employees for the same skillsets.

Fractional team icon

Fractional Marketing Team

Fulltime hires icon

Full-Time Hires (FTE)

Marketing Team Cost

$68k-$102k per year

2 to 4 experts with varying skill sets

$250k-$500k per year

2 to 4 Full Time Employees

Marketing + Tech Team Cost

$102k-$136k per year

4 to 8 experts with varying skill sets

$500k-$1M per year

4 to 8 Full Time Employees

Benefit Analysis

+ Flexible: Month-to-Month Contract.

+ Done for you: Project and team member management.

+ The Power of a Team: Fast execution, redundancy, shared brain power, strategic thinking, and new ideas.

+ Reliable: Track record of success and industry expertise.

- Additional Costs: Benefits, payroll taxes, PTO, employee infrastructure.

- Ramp-up Time: Interviews and onboarding.

- Risks: Underperformance, employee churn, lack of strategic thinking.

Proven ROI Yes Maybe
Onboarding Time Days Months

Find out more about how a Fractional Marketing Team can help you achieve your business goals.

DIO Growth Marketing

DIO stands for Digital Integrity Optimization and is a developed framework for business growth. 

This means we approach your digital marketing and growth blueprint  with an added technical emphasis making for better conversions, enhanced UX, and higher-ranking SEO.

O8 DIO Graphic

Growth-Driven Web Design

Growth-Driven Design is a smarter approach to web design. It eliminates traditional risks of web design, like large upfront costs and over budgeted projects built on assumptions.

GDD drives optimal results using data to launch quicker and continuously improve month-over-month based on user and conversion behavior insights.

Growth Driven Design

RevOps Strategy

RevOps brings your sales, marketing, and finance departments together around one revenue process and what matters most - your customers.

Our growth framework and data-driven experts help replace assumption-based decisions with data-proofed improvements and visibility that maximize revenue and help you scale better.

RevOps - Old World vs New World


Storytelling is a methodology that increases conversions, drives more leads, and extracts the most value from your digital marketing efforts.

Positioning prospects as heroes and you as their guide to success adds clarity and reassurance that you can make a real difference in their life and guide them along a journey to ultimate success.



Neuromarketing uses A.I. and what we know about the brain to do better marketing. This involves tracking and researching how specific demographics may unconsciously or consciously react to imagery, messaging, or a website.

Implementing these insights saves countless money and time, replacing assumptions with data-backed decisions to improve your digital marketing efforts.


What Our Clients
Have To Say:

Leigh Anne Godfrey, VITAL WorkLife testimonial

Your knowledge, skill, and flexibility are amazing. You are truly an extension of our marketing team, allowing us to do so much more than we could on our own. We love working with you and look forward to doing so for years to come.

Leigh Anne Godfrey
Senior Marketing Manager

Our Portfolio

Businesses continue to choose to work with O8, driving results in diverse industries including medical, manufacturing, higher education, financial services, technology, business services, and growth-stage startups.

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Ready to Learn More?

These are the steps we will take to get the ball rolling:

  • Learn: Review what's working and what's not with your digital marketing efforts.
  • Assess: Discuss areas of opportunity and strategy improvements.
  • Plan: Present learnings and a plan to implement suggested improvements.
  • Review: A project summary with critical next steps is delivered for review.