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Is your website failing to keep up with your business growth?

In today's fast-paced digital environment, sticking with a traditional website design can be a bottleneck for your business. 

The conventional approach to building and redesigning websites often leads to extended timelines, ballooning budgets, and products that may not even meet the current market needs by the time they launch.

Before diving deeper into how Growth-Driven Design (GDD) can revolutionize your approach, let’s address the typical pain points you might be experiencing with traditional web design:

  • Long Lead Times: Traditional methods can take months to launch, delaying your ability to improve user experience and capitalize on new market opportunities.
  • Cost Overruns: Upfront, hefty investments are common, with costs frequently exceeding initial estimates due to unforeseen changes and extensions in scope.
  • Outdated by Launch: By the time your new site goes live, the original design may no longer align with user data or business goals, making your investment less effective.
  • Inflexibility: Once launched, making changes to traditional websites can be a cumbersome and often costly affair, hindering continuous improvement.
  • Misaligned Assumptions: Fundamental assumptions made at the beginning of the project often don’t hold up over time, leading to a website that doesn’t truly reflect the needs of your target audience or the goals of your marketing strategy.

Why Brands Choose O8 For Growth-Driven Design

For over a decade, O8 has been at the forefront of web design, helping businesses in diverse markets grow their digital presence. 


"We hit deadlines and came in under budget. Website visits have increased 40% since our launch in December and our conversion rates have tripled!"

Naomi McDonald
Chief of Marketing
Leila De la Fuente

The team at O8 has been instrumental in helping our company elevate our web user experience...

Leila De la Fuente
Senior Web Marketing Manager

Faster ROI

  • Launch quicker: We prioritize launching a minimum viable product (MVP) with core functionalities, eliminating lengthy redesign processes and accelerating your website's path to generating leads and sales.
  • Data-driven decisions: Continuous testing and data analysis guide all of our optimization efforts, leading to improved conversion rates and return on investment (ROI) more quickly.

Reduced Risk and Cost

  • Pay as you grow: We employ a retainer-based model post-launch, minimizing the upfront cost of a complete website redesign and allowing you to spread the investment over time as your website evolves.
  • Minimize risk of failure: Launching an MVP and iteratively improving based on data reduces the risk of costly design mistakes and ensures your website caters to actual user needs.

Improved Performance and User Experience

  • Data-driven optimizations: We focus on elements that demonstrably influence user behavior and conversion rates, leading to a website that's easier to navigate, use, and convert new leads.
  • Constantly evolving: GDD's iterative approach allows us to continuously adapt your website to user behavior and industry trends, ensuring it stays relevant and competitive.

Increased Agility and Adaptability

  • Embracing change: GDD empowers us to react quickly to market shifts and competitor initiatives by testing new features and making data-driven adjustments at any time.
  • Future-proof your website: The adaptable nature of GDD ensures your website is always evolving and remains optimized for future trends and technologies.

Your Growth-Driven Design Team

Seth headshot

Seth Viebrock

CEO and Marketing Engineer

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Alison LaPoint Krahn

Alison LaPoint Krahn

VP, Client Experience

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Karen headshot

Karen Pomazal

VP, Client Strategy + Marketing

Naperville, Illinois

Andy headshot

Andy Keith

VP, Digital Marketing

St. Louis Park, Minnesota

Cory Docken Profile Picture

Cory Docken

VP, Business Development

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Becky headshot

Becky Inglis

Director, Project Management

Boise, Idaho

Patrick headshot

Patrick Hinchcliff

Development Lead

Denver, Colorado

Danielle Ruess-Saltz

Danielle Ruess-Saltz

Fractional CMO

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tom Headrick headshot

Tom Hedrick

Director, Digital Strategy

Minneapolis, Minnesota


Sam Hollis

User Experience Lead

Delray Beach, Florida

Nate McBride headshot

Nate McBride

Content Director

Los Angeles, California


Barbara Davis Haas

Graphic Designer

Mundelein, Illinois

How We Make Website Design Easy for You

These are a few ways we simplify the website design process and guarantee a return on your investment when building a growth-driven website with O8:  

Icon Strategy

Data-Backed Decision Making

We proactively eliminate assumptions on UX and design preferences with data-backed judgments on high-impact improvements. These insights inform the entire process from square one and help develop an empathetic understanding of your audience's world to create a website that solves their problems along their journey. 

Icon Rocket Launch

Accelerated Time To Value

Rather than waiting six months for a flashy new website built on assumptions, you get one working for you immediately. One looks and performs better than your current version and is built to capture data. Through sprint workshops and periods of ideation, we prototype, test and develop new ideas to improve performance and visibility.

Icon Team

Transparent Communication

As your partner, we align with your global strategy, business, and website goals. Through testing periods, we share data-backed insights and learnings on audience behavior. This improves the entire company and system, not just one of its parts, allowing for agile and real-time adjustments to content and messaging beyond the website.

More Information on Growth-Driven Web Design

How Does the Launchpad Site Approach Transform Your Website Redesign?

Understanding the Launchpad Site
A launchpad site is essentially the starting point of your new website under the Growth-Driven Design methodology. Unlike traditional website redesigns that aim for a perfect final product in one go, the launchpad site is developed to go live quickly and is continuously improved based on real user data. This strategy allows you to minimize downtime and begin learning from user interactions immediately.

What is Growth-Driven Design and How Does It Differ from Traditional Web Design?

Defining Growth-Driven Design
Growth-Driven Design (GDD) is an innovative, iterative approach to building websites that systematically optimizes your digital presence based on user feedback and performance data. This method contrasts sharply with traditional website design, which often relies on assumptions and delivers a final product that may no longer align with user needs by the time it launches.

How Does HubSpot Support Growth-Driven Design?

Leveraging HubSpot in GDD
HubSpot plays a pivotal role in the GDD process, providing the tools and analytics necessary to gather real data about user interactions, which informs continuous improvements. By integrating marketing, sales, and service data, HubSpot helps create a seamless user experience that drives business growth.

Why Is User Research Critical in Growth-Driven Design?

The Role of User Research in GDD
User research is a cornerstone of the Growth-Driven Design methodology. It ensures that every design decision is informed by real user behaviors and preferences, not just theoretical buyer personas. This continuous loop of feedback and implementation keeps your website performing optimally and aligned with your audience's evolving expectations.

How Do Templates and Existing Websites Play Into GDD?

Utilizing Templates and Existing Assets
In GDD, templates serve as valuable tools to accelerate the development of the launchpad site, ensuring that the new site can go live swiftly and efficiently. Your existing website also plays a crucial role, serving as a benchmark for improvement. By analyzing current performance, GDD identifies key areas for enhancement, turning your existing assets into a foundation for growth.

How Can Marketers Benefit from Implementing Growth-Driven Design?

GDD for Marketers
For marketers, implementing Growth-Driven Design means moving away from the 'big reveal' approach of traditional redesigns and towards a more agile, responsive process. This approach allows marketing teams to adapt their strategies in real time, optimizing website performance to better meet conversion goals and support overall marketing efforts.

What Are the First Steps in Starting a Growth-Driven Design Process?

Kickstarting Your GDD Journey
The first step in adopting a Growth-Driven Design methodology is to establish clear business goals and gather as much data as possible about your current website's performance. This is followed by brainstorming with your marketing team to identify the most critical elements needed for the launchpad site, setting the stage for a website that evolves as your business grows.

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