ADA Compliant Web Design

Our team of seasoned web developers and designers at O8 have extensive experience building and optimizing websites that meet ADA compliance standards. But we don't just rely on our own judgment for what makes a website fully accessible. We partner with one of the best ADA compliance agencies available. Their technical team members with disabilities run through every aspect of ADA compliance, ensuring your site meets the highest standards. O8 takes their recommendations and implements them throughout your site. This unique partnership provides you with:

  • Experienced evaluators who run through the gamut of testing procedures, identifying issues that automated systems often miss
  • Clearly defined priorities with estimated levels of complexity
  • Senior-level staff available to help plan, facilitate and consult throughout the implementation
  • A customer portal to help you document digital accessibility progress and log defensible milestones

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Website Accessibility Agency

O8 is a website accessibility agency, ensuring accessibility and ADA compliance for your website. Companies everywhere are recognizing the value – aside from attracting more traffic and avoiding legal actions, it's just good business to ensure that everyone can easily interact with everything on your site.

Online businesses need to consider an array of disabilities that affect some of their visitors. Website designers need to account for: 

  • Low vision
  • Blindness
  • Color blindness
  • Hearing impairment
  • Limited mobility
  • Intellectual disabilities

Live Assessments by Technical Team Members with Disabilities


We have partnered with a top-notch ADA compliance organization, Accessible360 (A360), who employs technical team members with disabilities and has advised on these issues at the federal level. By conducting live assessments, rather than using automated tools, we can prevent false positives and highlight all usability issues. O8 then takes this audit and completes remediations to ensure you are fully compliant!

ADA Audits

Our auditing process will comb through every inch of your website to find all potential issues. We'll develop an actionable plan, shared with you, on how we'll revise any elements that are out of compliance. 

If you're in need of a new site, we'll work with you to produce a detailed plan on how to make your content accessible for every audience.


Some of the Things Your Site Needs to Be ADA Compliant

The following list is not meant to be exhaustive but rather a high-level view of some of the numerous elements that our team looks for in an audit and then incorporates into your website. 

  • Closed captioning & subtitles Icon

    Closed captioning & subtitles

    Videos need to display captioning for hearing impaired viewers.

  • Alternative image text Icon

    Alternative image text

    Descriptive text added to all images on a web page, making it easy for screen readers to describe what's there.

  • Screen reader compatibility Icon

    Screen reader compatibility

    Visually impaired visitors use screen readers that navigate through copy linearly. We make sure your copy is placed logically and flows smoothly.

  • Alternative iFrame/Video text Icon

    Alternative iFrame/Video text

    Alt text for videos that describes an embedded video.

  • Accessibility with keyboard Icon

    Accessibility with keyboard

    Site visitors with motor disabilities or screen readers need to be able to control links, buttons, and input fields with tab, arrows, or other keys.

  • Color allocation and contrast Icon

    Color allocation and contrast

    Ensure that color-blind or visually impaired visitors have the full benefit of info that is often displayed via color, using labels or icons instead of color-coding.

  • Skip navigation links Icon

    Skip navigation links

    These allow keyboard-only users to skip repetitive content and move directly to the main content on a page.

Why ADA Compliance Is Important:

Like thousands of other companies, Domino’s Pizza was hit with a lawsuit over website accessibility. They chose to fight, working their way through lower-level courts and even requesting the U.S. Supreme Court hear their appeal. The Supreme Court refused to hear the case. While you may think this has nothing to do with your website, the law begs to differ. 

As the plaintiff’s attorney said, “The blind and visually impaired must have access to websites and apps to fully and equally participate in modern society— something nobody disputes.” 

This left Domino's with many problems on their hands; bad press, a need to quickly update their website, and the risk of being sued again. 

The U.S. Department of Justice has taken the position that the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) applies to websites, mobile apps, and the Internet of Things. To avoid discriminating against people with disabilities, digital products must be designed to meet compliance standards. If you fail to meet these standards, you face an array of risks. Working with an agency like O8 can help protect you from these risks. Ensuring compliance is both the smart and the right thing to do.