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“From start to finish O8 has been an excellent company to work with. We came to them with a responsive design template with many dynamic elements and a goal to use Drupal 8 as the content management solution. Though we have considerable in-house experience in web development, we had little specifically in Drupal. We needed a company that could partner with us and handle the technical challenges of site development and programming to provide us with a flexible interface to keep our site maintenance cost and update time to a minimum. They met the challenge head on and helped us reach all of our performance goals.

O8 set up a sprint-based project management process whereby we met online every two weeks to go over progress from both of our areas and set out the tasks for each person for the next sprint period. We wanted to do as much of the content entry as possible, so O8 took that into account and turned things over to us as soon as they were ready for data entry and testing. O8 documented tasks and progress in an online tool, so it was possible to see the status and thread of any task. The sprint process helped us stay on track too as the goals set each call were manageable within that time period.

In addition to their technical expertise, O8 was also very easy to work with. They listened carefully to what we said and used that understanding to either implement that specific request or to suggest an alternative method that could either lower maintenance overhead or be better suited for future site developments.”

“I've had the pleasure of working with O8's team on numerous projects for over a year and a half now and they sincerely continue to impress and deliver first-rate work. Their team plays a critical role in not only expanding and developing our complex site, but also ensuring that our site's platform and underlying database are always up to date and well maintained. Our web team has come to know most of the staff at O8 - all are personable, talented and knowledgeable professionals. We have peace of mind knowing we can trust their guidance. Their staff is always available and ready to help us, when needed, whether we're looking for initial feedback on a cool new site feature; or if we have critical questions, for example, related to site performance or security concerns which need to be answered – on the spot. We sense their experienced team truly cares about the success of our site and ensures all of our questions and concerns are addressed. Our team also values O8's proactive approach with their customer service. When appropriate, they'll reach out to us immediately if they believe there is something my team can do in advance to keep our site running smoothly.”

Chris Anderson



Chris Scruton

University of Minnesota

Higher Ed Tech

“The members of the O8 team have been instrumental in developing two projects for us in the past six months. From a technical perspective, the quality of their work has exceeded our expectations but, just as important, they have been an incredible resource as we navigated the challenges of deploying complex projects in the midst of a broader institutional Drupal rollout. They've proved to be extremely responsive, creative, and responsible partners in the design, development, and deployment processes and I recommend them highly.”

“The attached report show traffic to our site between March 18th and March 24th. We switched to the new site at 6 am on Thursday March 21st. In essence, what we have done is built our new Drupal CMS and migrated to it without any loss in traffic (in fact, there is a slight increase). This is not insignificant. Of course there are numerous issues remaining to resolve, but we can all take pride in what we have already achieved. Well done Juilliard & O8 team.”

Tunde Giwa

Chief Technology Officer, The Juilliard School

Higher Ed

Naomi McDonald

Public Relations & Marketing Communications Manager Technological Leadership Institute,
University of Minnesota

Higher Ed

“I would highly recommend O8. They just worked with me on the redesign of our website that launched in December. Check it out They're amazing, very reasonably priced and know U of M Drupal, which is very important.
Seth Viebrock is the owner and is also a developer. He's very hands on, which is a-typical of a CEO. I loved that. He knew what was going on even though he was not tactically working on our project day to day.

They have done a lot of great work for others here at the University as well. OIT recommended them to me when I was looking for a partner and they did not disappoint. We hit deadlines and came in under budget. Website visits have increased 40% since our launch in December and our conversion rates have tripled!

I am a WordPress "super user" and was nervous about learning this platform. I now absolutely love Drupal. It's way more robust than WordPress, and frankly O8 taught me everything I know. There was a ton of learning needed on my part because Id never used the platform. They were patient, kind and embraced my vision. What's also nice is they have a great reputation and relationship with OIT.

If you'd like an introduction let me know. I'd be happy to connect you with Seth. He's professional and all around a great person. He's one of the coolest people I've met professionally.”

”It's been a pleasure working with you guys. You're a talented team and I've learned a lot the last year and a half from you. Thank you for creating such an amazing site for us—I'll forever be proud of what we created for HelpSystems together! And I know I'm leaving her in good hands. :-)“

Sarah Bartlett

Web & Marketing Director, HelpSystems


Laura Hillman



”Just to say again thank you so much for such a productive and helpful meeting today. It really has given me a new lease of life in my role. It is so great to have Marketing expert peers to sanity check with and bounce ideas off. It was also lovely to have such positive feedback about the work I'm doing and how fast I am picking up SEO (Andy you silver tongued charmer). I've gone from feeling stressed and a little paralysed and overwhelmed, to feeling renewed excitement about what we can achieve for Catapult CX together. I'm so grateful for your support and knowledge sharing. Beyond this personal growth, we just need to get our heads down and actually get the conversions coming in and grow the business, so that the rest of my team at Catapult are happy!“

Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that Adam is a rock star! In the short time that we have been working with him, he has made me very glad we decided to partner with O8. Specifically, here’s what I love about him:

  • He is driving the process for us; this is particularly important for me given my total lack of interest in how websites actually work and my tendency to ignore things that aren’t actually on fire in favor of the stuff I enjoy. I need someone who fixes the things that need fixing, keeps the project moving forward, and makes sure the meetings happen, and he is doing all of that for us.
  • He communicates proactively, especially on the critical issues of budget and what’s actually happening with the website. O8 is the first and only company of the four I have worked with that actually makes me feel confident that I know where the money is going and where I am in relation to the budget.
  • He got us back into our test site in under a day and it looks like the test site will be communicating properly with our live site by early next week. I’m sure you have plenty of projects more important than ours, so it’s nice to get fast results even when we know we’re probably the smallest fish in your pond.“

Macaire Merkel

Group Manager, Medical Education and Marketing Services
Spineology Inc.