Client Overview

Ochs provides a vast array of services and resources to bring clients the best possible employee benefit solutions. 

The Challenge

Ochs works closely with the State of Minnesota in providing information and guidance on open enrollment . With open enrollment for the state just around the corner, O8 was hired to help create informational videos for their life insurance and disability insurance offerings. Insurance information can be stressful, confusing, and sometimes dull. The video had to be created in a tight timeline and meet approvals by the state.

Our Solutions

O8 worked with Ochs to create a lighthearted tone and description of each insurance policy, breaking them into two 3-4 minute videos. The entire script was written and organized to have corresponding short descriptions of icons.


Next, O8 worked on storyboarding and animation creation. We took a dive deep into the creative aspects required for the video production and developed diverse, family-oriented animations that are relatable and fun.

The Results

The project resulted in an entertaining and informational visual resource with concise and digestible content that successfully educates employees on the intricacies of insurance.


Final Video: Life and AD&D Benefits