AI-Powered Design Audit Tools

We employ a series of AI-powered tools which simulate human vision. These tools show how someone would interact with your website or design mockups, giving you instant feedback and insights, including Attention Heatmaps, Gaze Plots, and Aesthetics Reports.

AI-Powered: Attention Heatmap

This report predicts what parts of a website or design will attract the most attention. When coaxing users through a desired flow, you want to visually direct their attention, which this report helps us determine. 

AI-Powered: Gaze Plot

This report shows how a human eye will likely scan the page upon first glance, and in what order. The circles are numbered, showing order. This test helps us ensure the important elements of a page or design catch attention quickly.

AI-Powered: Aesthetics Report

This report allows us to examine the emotional components and aesthetics of a website or design, using 3 aspects: color, clarity, and balance. A high color score means the design is exciting, interesting, and colorful. A high clarity score means the design is clean, simple, and clear. A high balance score means the design is symmetrical, balanced, and harmonic. 


UX Data Gathering Tools

UX Data Gathering Tools

While these tools are great for testing existing websites, when doing a website redesign it is important to collect data from your existing site to see what is and isn’t working – don’t make the same mistakes twice!


We utilize heatmaps to measure where users click, move, and how far they scroll. If you have valuable content on the page, but nobody is clicking on it, or even scrolling far enough to see it, we know we have a problem that needs a better solution.


Form Interaction and Abandonment 

Are certain fields causing abandonment on your forms? Maybe you have a required phone number field causing people to abandon the form entirely, or a certain step on your order form that is impacting sales – that is extremely useful information to know.


User Testing Tools for Design and UX

Preference Tests 

Fine-tune visual assets, marketing copy, branding and more by getting data from actual users. 



Understand why a user picked a given asset or piece of marketing copy. 



First Impressions

The first five seconds are crucial when it comes to how a user will succeed or fail at accomplishing goals on your website. We run Five Second Tests to determine how well your website or design does at first impressions.




Just like meeting a person for the first time, first impressions are everything in web design, especially since website visitors often open many websites at once in order to make comparisons.

Seth and Tyler Give an Overview of O8's Favorite UX Testing Tools