When everything is on the line,
We're there for you 24x7

  • 24x7 Security, Performance, and Up-Time.

    We ensure security, performance, and up-time, from the hosting platform to the website to the CDN and WAF, which should sit in front of your website. Our infrastructure allows us to respond 24x7 due to our team's multiple timezones worldwide.

  • Monitoring: Website, SEO, Analytics, Heatmaps, Ads 

    Not only do we monitor the health and uptime of your website, but we monitor and proactively improve SEO performance, analytics, heatmaps, and ad performance for our clients through our DIO service offering, all under one roof.

  • Advanced Support: CRM, Strategy, Marketing

    Have something specific, whether it's help wiring up your CRM, defining a specific strategy or implementing a digital marketing campaign? We have some of the best minds to help you along the way.


O8 UX Services

Ensure The Well-Being of Your Website and Digital Marketing

  • Drupal

    We are highly-technical industry veterans and Drupal community members with long-standing expertise. 

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  • WordPress

    Our WordPress staff is highly technical and experienced, ready to take your site to the next level.

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  • Digital Marketing

    SEO, SEM, PPC and campaign management. Get a free analysis to see how we can help!

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  • Website Rescue

    Did another company or agency mess something up? We're used to taking in your project and Doing Things Right™.

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  • Audits and performance optimization

    Need a security or site audit? Performance issues? We've got you covered!

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  • 24x7 and emergency support

    We have the infrastructure and global time zone coverage to cover you 24/7. Contact us to learn more.

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What You Get


  • Digital Impact Optimization™ (DIO)

    • We gather data to proactively make your website and digital marketing channels better.

    • Quarterly DIO review and consultation.

  • Access to O8 Infrastructure

    • Collaborative project management and support portal.

    • Ongoing, searchable project documentation.

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager

    • Your main point of contact for account-related services and success at making the most out of your relationship with O8.

    • Onboarding session.

    • Quarterly success review and consultation.

  • Highest Priority Tier + Get Our Team On Retainer

    • Monthly Rollover Plan: Hours never expire, but should be used monthly for best results. 

    • Hours can be used towards any solution our agency offers.

  • Advanced Collaboration Infrastructure

    • Chat instantly with your project team on Slack.

    • Zoom meetings and screen sharing.

    • Embedded team and staff augmentation arrangements available


  • 24x7 and Emergency Support

    • Access to our call chain and paging system via PagerDuty.

  • 24x7 Website Monitoring and Response

    • With the proper monitoring in place, our team can respond to website issues you aren't even aware of, while you sleep.

    • Our team's locations in multiple timezones worldwide ensure 24x7 coverage.

  • Website Hosting and Management

    • Hosted with us on vetted and high-security providers such as pantheon.io, or elsewhere on your own environment.

  • Workflow Best Practices

    • Version control so your site doesn’t break and changes won’t be lost.

    • A dev -> staging -> production workflow for testing changes.

    • A quality assurance tester dedicated to your project to drastically reduce bugs and errors.

  • Security Updates

    • We keep your website secure and up-to-date.

We have you covered!

  • Seth


    CEO and Marketing Engineer

    Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Andy


    VP, Digital Marketing

    St. Louis Park, Minnesota

  • Cory Docken


    VP, Digital Strategy

    Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Tyler Grayscale


    Director, Customer Success and Strategy

    Golden Valley, Minnesota

  • Adam Nix


    Web Engineer and CSM

    Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Hadley Hirsch


    Manager of Marketing and Business Relationships

    Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Justin


    Director, UX & Design

    New Brighton, Minnesota

  • CK

    CK Ng

    Lead Architect

    Gelugor, Malaysia

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Irreplaceable Partner for Our Business - The team at O8 has been instrumental in helping our company elevate our web user experience. From a website redesign, to ongoing customizations to CRO recommendations, we rely on this team to support us in managing a website that meets the various objectives of HelpSystems. Thanks for the hard work and killer guidance! Keep it coming.

    Leila De la Fuente

    Leila De la Fuente
    Leila De la Fuente
  • “[...] From the very beginning, the O8 team was very methodical in their approach, providing critical input, listening carefully to our needs and recommending changes that would ultimately benefit the end user. As our company moves forward, we continue to rely on O8 for their professionalism, expertise and long-term support. They are a valued partner and, in our view, an extension of our marketing team.”

    David Wargin

    David Wargin
    David Wargin

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