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Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Campaign Targeting Major Health Insurance Organizations

Intense, highly-personalized series of ABM campaigns targeting hard-to-reach healthcare decision-makers

ABM Campaign Hero Image
Major healthcare payors individually researched in order to target the content based on the company’s mission and current news stories
Versions of the landing pages, email campaigns, LinkedIn In Mail, video scripts, and voice mail scripts were developed
Versions of LinkedIn and Google display ads
Worked within a highly-regulated environment focused on client privacy and confidentiality

About the Company

For 60 years, this client has provided critical, industry-specific technology, solutions, data, and intelligence to optimize business transformation for B2B companies. The company set a new goal to launch demand-generation marketing efforts designed to reach stakeholders in a new industry: healthcare.

The Challenge

The client envisioned introducing its personalization-at-scale solution to the top 10 high-value accounts in their healthcare insurance industry database. Challenges included a tight timeline, regulatory constraints, and a client policy that prevented O8 agency access to the company’s systems.


O8 developed an intense ABM play for B2B marketers, including segmentation based on current client events. 

The 3 segments each received a digital marketing solution that took an ambitious approach for each of the 3 target marketing programs. These digital thought leadership programs included:

  • Custom landing pages
  • LinkedIn and Google social media targeting and creative
  • LinkedIn mail creative
  • Email series with content, embedded video scripts, and voicemail scripts
  • Sales team follow-up protocol
  • Marketing automation for the lead nurturing series

Why the Client Chose O8

The healthcare industry is dominated by very large health systems and payors. And although O8’s technology client was very established in other vertical markets, they required an intense campaign from a highly-technical and collaborative, full-service marketing team. The client appreciated O8’s fractional marketing approach in order to launch a complex ABM play on a tight deadline.

How O8 Responded

The B2B marketing strategy O8 developed for the client included identifying ideal customer profile target accounts from the internal CRM account list, completing research on the influences and influencers for each account, developing personas for marketers, sales, and operations, and creating fresh messaging. The research determined that prospects could be organized into 3 message groups. So 3 messaging campaigns and creative were developed for the client’s sales and marketing team. O8 utilized the client’s existing content marketing, as well as webinar content, for lead generation assets for the ABM campaigns.

The Results

The marketing and sales teams collaborated weekly with O8 to understand pain points, identify the target audience, prioritize touchpoints, and design an ideal customer experience. Due to the firewall, these ABM efforts were meticulously documented and packaged for the client to execute and report on KPIs, qualified leads, benchmarks, and metrics for these key accounts.

Marketing Meeting
Marketing Meeting