At O8, we love Open Source. We love it for what it makes possible — access to shared tools, code, and a worldwide support team — but also because it's a real community. Whether with our non-profit partners, other Drupal developers in the Twin Cities, or Open Source contributors overseas, we know our best work comes out when we collaborate with our community.

The technologies and philosophy of the Open Source movement capture that spirit of collaboration like nothing else. O8 loves Open Source because we love tackling exciting challenges with other community-minded developers.

If you're new to Open Source, check out The Open Source Initiative and communities like GitHub and OpenStack.

If you're in Minneapolis on July 14 and want to learn more Open Source possibilities with PHP, we'll see you at the Coding Craft Tour.

And if you just want to learn more about O8, Open Source, and how we can help you build a top-notch site for your non-profit or business, let us know!


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