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Data-Driven Customer Segmentation

O8 uses advanced tools to analyze customer data across all touchpoints, online, and off. Integrating data from your CRM, ESP, DMP, APIs, POS, and more makes it possible to build complex segments to improve marketing personalization. 

Utilizing all interaction points and context makes it easy to pinpoint phases in the customer journey for better segmentation. We can also track anonymous site users, identify their preferences, and take advantage of opportunities to improve engagement and conversions. 

We can also share segments across properties and platforms, helping deliver a consistent message on the web, mobile devices, or in-app. 

Automated Recommendations

Maximizing the value of personalization means using technology that can deliver a relevant marketing message automatically. Investing in software and agency help can be expensive, which is why O8 works with its own automation tools to bring results for our clients. 

This includes using software engines to deliver personalized recommendations in the right places at the right time for your unique audience. Here are some of the recommendations we create:


Capture audience attention with product recommendations on web, mobile, email, or display banners.


Personalize content recommendations to user behavior and preferences. Improve engagement and nurture leads with relevant, timely content.


Use all relevant data from web, apps, your CRM, and more to recommend content or products in your marketing emails. Segment and strategize personalized recommendations based on interests, points in the sales funnel, and intent.


Deliver content or product recommendations at key points in your mobile app. Optimize these recommendations to meet important goals like increasing session length, engagement, and user retention.

Sophisticated Behavioral Messaging

Creating advanced audience segments is only valuable if you can deliver a personalized marketing message at scale. O8 can do this using behavioral data to trigger different kinds of customized content. Examples include welcome messages, countdown timers, location-based offers, and email capture overlays. 

Using the right software, we can dynamically serve relevant notifications personalized to each of your audience members, including floating bars, custom promotions, website widgets, and incentivized coupons. 

We also design exit-intent messaging geared towards specific marketing goals, such as generating leads, increasing conversions, and reducing cart abandonment. Social proof messaging can also create a sense of urgency and drive more sales. We can create location-based view counters, trend alerts, and low-in-stock messages to influence audiences to act now. 

Omnichannel Targeting and Personalization

Using the right technologies and approach, it’s possible to personalize every interaction in the customer journey. We can help you improve customer experience with relevant targeting and personalization for web, mobile, email, and ads. We personalize call-to-action buttons, banners, promotional areas, and more to improve performance. Even page layout and other design elements can be dynamically adapted to reflect the preferences of individual visitors. 

Event-based triggered messages can improve content timing and relevance on apps and email. Using machine learning technology, we automate content personalization at scale across platforms and devices. Instead of personalizing isolated aspects of your web presence, we can optimize the entire customer journey with multichannel targeting. 

A/B Testing and Optimizations

Performance analytics can help you understand if your personalization strategy is driving key marketing goals. However, experiments can help you identify which kinds of personalization are most effective, maximizing performance in the process. 

O8 uses a suite of tools so we can experiment with all aspects of your marketing strategy. We take care of all statistical tests (A/B, multivariate, split URL, etc.) and help you optimize content based on key insights. 

We conduct experiments on any channel at scale, making it possible to optimize the whole customer journey (instead of elements on a page). Where necessary, we also employ predictive targeting technology to automatically match content to different segments of customers.

Comprehensive testing also allows us to create rule-based automations to tailor experiences to users based on their behavior, known characteristics, context, etc. Ongoing experimentation and optimizations ensure we’re always delivering the most effective personalized experiences for unique audiences.

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