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User Experience (UX) Testing

Empowering You to Build Intelligent Data-Driven Digital Products

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Get It Right the First Time

Give your users tested and proven features, functionality, and user experiences. 

O8's UX and usability testing solutions help you bridge the gap between your current offering and your users' actual needs and expectations.

Trusted By Big Names, Accessible To Smaller Organizations

Leila De la Fuente

The team at O8 has been instrumental in helping our company elevate our web user experience...

Leila De la Fuente
Senior Web Marketing Manager
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O8 uses proven science-based UX testing methodologies to generate credible insights that significantly improve your UX and usability. Part of our testing toolkit is an AI-powered testing platform that runs dozens of UX and usability tests simultaneously, providing an efficient and cost-effective solution to our clients.

O8 combines AI-based testing simulations and a carefully selected panel of crowdsourced testers.

Our testing process generates human-focused data and analytics, helping you meet your users' expectations.

We dive deep into your website's performance metrics to uncover and capture hidden opportunities.

O8's recommendations are always within your resource scope and create both short and long-term wins. 

Explore in Detail

We use high-end technology to audit your website and pinpoint the areas of weakness where even the most minimal change can significantly impact results. This repeatable 3 phase approach includes the following: 

Why User Experience Testing Matters

User experience testing can be as simple as watching a user's clickstream and as complex as understanding the psychology behind it. 

O8 looks at UX and usability surface aspects like capturing a user's actions when they visit your website while going deeper to understand those actions.

Understanding this deeper component of UX holds the key to unlocking your website's potential. It reveals the biases that inform a user's actions and uncovers any barriers to usability. 

With these insights, we provide UX and usability optimization recommendations that help you meet and exceed user expectations within the shortest time possible.

O8's User Experience (UX) Testing Toolkit

Here are just a few of our primary UX and usability testing tools: 

Attention Heatmaps

Determines what parts of your website attract the most attention, highlighting opportunities to coax users through the desired flow. 

Aesthetics Reports

Examines your website's aesthetic and emotional components based on color, clarity, and balance to ensure your website is clear, exciting, and balanced. 

Gaze Plots

Identifies your website's most attractive elements so you can optimize around these focus areas. 

Expert UX Testing Professionals

Our team of UX testing experts has mastered the art and science of UX testing through years of hands-on experience and continual learning. 

We incorporate data from usability tests on competitor websites as part of our comprehensive UX testing process.

This data establishes benchmarks and identifies any performance gaps to exploit as a competitive advantage. 

When you work with O8, our commitment is to ensure the testing process yields data that puts you ahead of the competition.

It also provides your users with an easy-to-use, engaging, and enjoyable user experience.

Why Brands Choose Us for User Experience Testing

  • AI usability testing for real-time results
  • Heatmaps track real users' navigation for superior usability testing and troubleshooting usability problems
  • Proven and tested UX design and methodology
  • A/B testing of the target audience for optimal functionality
  • Seamless user interface designed for e-commerce
  • Established and ongoing Drupal community collaboration
  • Expert team of UX architects, senior developers, and designers
  • UX integration in the design process
  • 24/7 support
  • Ongoing monitoring and continual improvements using UX in combination with SEO and analytics
  • Unparalleled quality assurance
  • Price transparency and monthly packages
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You need a website that's engaging and easy-to-use, and O8 uses modern website design strategies to achieve exactly that.

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Client Testimonials

Leila De la Fuente

The team at O8 has been instrumental in helping our company elevate our web user experience...

Leila De la Fuente
David Wargin

As our company works to deliver essential medical products and services to our customers, O8 has been a critical partner in our efforts to drive greater awareness and respond quickly to customer needs.

David Wargin