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Growth-Driven Web Design

The best websites are always improving. Fuel inbound marketing with ever-increasing leads from our data-driven approach.

Turn Your Website Into a Growth Machine

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Why Traditional Web Design Is Outdated

Traditional web design involves redesigning your website every 2 or 3 years, which is a massive risk and a significant upfront investment.

  • It may cause traffic and SEO to tank.
  • It might look better, but many are often surprised that the new website drives fewer leads and performs worse.
  • This happens because the approach is short-term, destructive, and usually not data-driven.
  • Growth-Driven Design, however, is constant, iterative, and data-driven in its approach.
Growth-Driven Web Design: Scale Marketing and Sales Faster

Problems With Traditional Web Design

  • Massive upfront time and costs
  • Waiting until next redesign to see results
  • Throwing away what you've already got
  • Slow to show ROI
  • Built on opinions rater than data
  • Running out of scope and over-budget
  • Little improvement over time

Growth Driven Web Design Process

Our growth-driven design process follows a three-phase approach with agile and collaborative steps, which leads to the following benefits:

  • Faster time to launch (60 to 90 days)
  • Starts with a minimum viable product (MVP)
  • Can refresh your existing site without throwing everything away
  • Fast to gather data and increase revenue
  • Data-driven approach
  • Easier to stay on-budget and on-time
  • Continuous improvement, month-by-month
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10 - 14 Days 

Here we collaborate on smart goals and research user behavior to develop an understanding of your audience's world.

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Launch Pad

60 - 90 Days

Here we quickly build a minimum-viable website that looks and performs better than your current site. It serves as a foundation for future optimization.

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2-Week Sprints

We analyze website user data to enhance performance, making improvements in two-week sprints, identifying high-impact actions to drive business growth.

Why Brands Choose O8 For Growth-Driven Design

For over a decade, O8 has been at the forefront of web design, helping businesses in diverse markets grow their digital presence. 


Faster ROI

  • Launch quicker: We prioritize launching a minimum viable product (MVP) with core functionalities, eliminating lengthy redesign processes and accelerating your website's path to generating leads and sales.
  • Data-driven decisions: Continuous testing and data analysis guide all of our optimization efforts, leading to improved conversion rates and return on investment (ROI) more quickly.

Reduced Risk and Cost

  • Pay as you grow: We employ a retainer-based model post-launch, minimizing the upfront cost of a complete website redesign and allowing you to spread the investment over time as your website evolves.
  • Minimize risk of failure: Launching an MVP and iteratively improving based on data reduces the risk of costly design mistakes and ensures your website caters to actual user needs.

Improved Performance and User Experience

  • Data-driven optimizations: We focus on elements that demonstrably influence user behavior and conversion rates, leading to a website that's easier to navigate, use, and convert new leads.
  • Constantly evolving: GDD's iterative approach allows us to continuously adapt your website to user behavior and industry trends, ensuring it stays relevant and competitive.

Increased Agility and Adaptability

  • Embracing change: GDD empowers us to react quickly to market shifts and competitor initiatives by testing new features and making data-driven adjustments at any time.
  • Future-proof your website: The adaptable nature of GDD ensures your website is always evolving and remains optimized for future trends and technologies.

How We Make Website Design Easy for You

These are a few ways we simplify the website design process and guarantee a return on your investment when building a growth-driven website with O8:  

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Data-Backed Decision Making

We proactively eliminate assumptions on UX and design preferences with data-backed judgments on high-impact improvements. These insights inform the entire process from square one and help develop an empathetic understanding of your audience's world to create a website that solves their problems along their journey. 

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Accelerated Time To Value

Rather than waiting six months for a flashy new website built on assumptions, you get one working for you immediately. One looks and performs better than your current version and is built to capture data. Through sprint workshops and periods of ideation, we prototype, test and develop new ideas to improve performance and visibility.

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Transparent Communication

As your partner, we align with your global strategy, business, and website goals. Through testing periods, we share data-backed insights and learnings on audience behavior. This improves the entire company and system, not just one of its parts, allowing for agile and real-time adjustments to content and messaging beyond the website.

"We hit deadlines and came in under budget. Website visits have increased 40% since our launch in December and our conversion rates have tripled!"

Naomi McDonald
Chief of Marketing
Leila De la Fuente

The team at O8 has been instrumental in helping our company elevate our web user experience...

Leila De la Fuente
Senior Web Marketing Manager