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Our high-value solutions for manufacturers

  • Advanced B2B lead generation

    • We build and support websites with advanced B2B lead generation, so that your sales team can track browsing patterns of business prospects.
    • You will be able to target the exact, specific companies who visit your website, what pages they view, when they view it (i.e. after a trade show, so you can gauge interest and marketing efficacy), and what actions they take (or don't take).
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  • Advanced system integration

    • We integrate with your ERP and proprietary systems so that your website is not an isolated cog in the machine.
  • eCommerce 

    • We have experience with manufacturers wanting to add eCommerce to their business model. We can guide you through a phased approach, and get your site ready for the transition.
  • Lead capture and conversion optimization

    • We support and build for digital optimization.
    • Once a potential buyer visits your website, they won't always take action.
    • They're busy, and may be put off by the user experience, what your website says about your company and brand, or any number of issues.
    • We help guide your prospective buyers and partners down the sales funnel – for some companies, this is as simple (or rather, as complex) as convincing them to call you.

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