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Fulfillment of Product Warranty Claims with ShipStation for Tricam

Ecommerce solutions that boost customer satisfaction and internal team efficiency

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Introducing the Story of Tricam Industries

Tricam Industries is a leading consumer products company that specializes in the design, engineering, marketing, and manufacturing of hardlines products through its subsidiaries like Gorilla Ladders and Gorilla Carts.


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The Challenge

The Tricam Industries fleet of websites are primarily used for customer service while also delivering replacement parts to customers who file a product warranty claim. Tricam encountered issues with scaling, as they had to manage shipping details on a single FedEx computer in their office. The solution needed to be seamless to ensure problem resolution for the customer, client satisfaction, and reputation management.

Our Solutions

O8 completed a ShipStation integration for the fleet of Tricam websites (,,

A store was created for each website and its development environment for testing purposes to ensure proper functionality and risk prevention.

For organization, a database of replacement parts with over 700 SKUs were uploaded and cataloged in the ShipStation platform based on weight, dimensions, and available shipping providers.

Custom internal notes and description fields were implemented to alert the fulfillment team and provide them with information including which cart the requested parts are from, the SKUs, and the requested shipping service.

ShipStation Connect was developed and utilized to give the fulfillment team the ability to communicate with their office computer remotely via a mobile device or personal computer. This included push notifications for new orders and the capability to purchase and print labels and packing slips.

The Results

The ShipStation integration provided Tricam with a centralized, easy-to-use platform for handling product warranty claims. ShipStation customizations streamlined the process of shipping orders by providing store operators with important information about shipments including what box dimensions and shipping service to use, as well as allowing for remote connectivity. Overall, the implementation greatly boosted efficiency and productivity for the Tricam organization as well as increased customer satisfaction through improved response time and accuracy.

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